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    Hi folks,

    I'm not going to bore you with my background or explore any deep thoughts in trading. I will just try to make this journal as straight-forward and clear as possible.

    I will be looking for disparities in the movements of Forex pairs. Find which pair is not quite going with a general trend and trade it. I will also trade another pair against it, so I won't be screwed the moment trend turns against me.

    I will try to post live signals as they come.

    So, we start with an account with some $29.000 on Monday

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  2. taojaxx


    Good luck in your trading. Not sure I understand your plan though. What do you mean by "general trend"?
    Either your pairs have a common element, say $/yen and EUR/$ in which case what you trade is a third pair, in that case EUR/Yen, or they don't, say EUR/$ and GBP/Yen and then there's no reason these should move in any particular coordinated way, neither in synch nor opposite.
    So there's no "general trend" that applies to all currencies. There's a trend (sometime) for one currency in particular.
    Maybe I'm missing something?
  3. soseki



    You're right. For example, when EURJPY is going up, but USDJPY is hanging behind, I will buy USDJPY and sell EURJPY. So I will win when disparity between these pairs is "repaired".

    Other obvious combination is EURUSD and GBPUSD. Or EURJPY and GBPJPY. There are more of them...

    But I also believe there is something like general trend in short-term horizon. You could call it "mood" instead of "trend"..

    So I will also give shots at not so related combinations. For example, I went short AUDUSD and long GBPJPY on this Thursday (still in the position). These two are surprisingly good correlated even there is seemingly no connection between them. It's because they're both not leading pairs and observe this general "mood" quite well.

    I'm also short GBPUSD and long EURUSD since Friday's USA close.

    Edit: It's not the same as trading a third pair by removing the common element as you described.. If you trade any single pair, you must be either short or long, right?
  4. soseki


    SELL 70k GBPUSD 1.6333
    BUY 100k EURUSD 1.4071
  5. soseki


    Just closed,

    + $195

    New position:

    SELL 200k USDJPY 94.84
    BUY 100k EURJPY 133.80
  6. soseki


    BUY 150k EURUSD 1.4113
    SELL 100k GBPUSD 1.6425
  7. soseki


    Closed out AUDUSD / GBPJPY from last week.

    + $2.475
  8. soseki


    Added to position:

    BUY 150k EURUSD 1.4111
    SELL 100k GBPUSD 1.6533
  9. soseki


    Closed EURJPY / USDJPY

    + $198
  10. soseki


    I guess there isn't much sense in posting every single entry and exit.

    There are quite many of trades in contrast to the last week... I might aswell just post closed trades every evening. Might give some commentary too. Guess noone would be interested in reading this the way it's done now.

    Anyway, GBPUSD went quite high, against my position, so I sold more of it :p It's now hanging at some - $1.500 , but considering how big the divergence between it and EURUSD is, I'm pretty sure it will go down by the end of the week or EURUSD (at +$800) will go higher. Either of it.
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