Sosa took steroids- NO SHIT!!!

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  1. I mean seriously, is anyone surprised at that?

    I want the rest of the 101 players named on that list.

    Just off the top of my head I will name a few blatantly obvious "All-Star" steroid/HGH users from the early 2000's who haven't been named and are getting a free pass while A-Rod and Sosa get thrown under the bus.

    Around the horn-

    Pitcher- Bartolo Colon

    Catcher- Pudge Rodriguez, Mike Piazza

    First Base- David Ortiz, Albert Pujols, Carlos Delgado

    Second Base- Bret Boone

    Third Base- Adrian Beltre, Vinny Castillo

    SS- A-Rod and Tejada have already been busted, so I'll pass on short

    Outfield- Luis Gonzalez, Garret Anderson, Magglio Ordonez, Jim Edmonds, Shawn Green, Brian Giles
  2. 2002 California Angels.

    Disney wanted to sell the team and what better way than to juice everyone up to look like linebackers and take the pennant.
  3. Agreed, now they must release the names of the 102 remaining to protect the innocent. Everyone playing now is presumed guilty and that's just not fair.

    And you will notice, both A-Rod and Sosa were outed after they publicly declared they were clean. Earth to the guilty....KEEP YOUR FUCKING MOUTH SHUT!

  4. I want David Ortiz to be named.

    So sick of hearing excuses like, "he's actually older than what he said", and "he's seeing an eye doctor for dry eyes".

    Total bullshit.

    His meteoric rise from scrub to perennial MVP candidate the minute he joined the Red Sox and his pal Manny scream steroids/HGH. He even had the balls to say he was "shocked" when he heard Manny was using PED's.

    Fuck Papi and his tired line of bullshit.