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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by geneden, Oct 15, 2001.

  1. geneden


    I am trying to locate software that can sort the level II premarket data for stocks that are gapping up or down compared to previous day close, about 30 to 45 min prior to market open. Want to set parameters like price, volume, amount of gap to look for. I read about this in day traders guide to TA by chris lewis (2001). Any ideas? Thanks for your time!
  2. You did not say what dta feed you use but Sort Wizard will do it for you if you have a Realtick feed. Not sure if SW can work with other feeds. Stormchaser/tracker will do it as well but I think it also needs a RT feed at this point. Check for links to both under stock screeners
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    Thanks DATTrader, Ive checked out the sort wizard and it looks like just what I wanted. I do not have level II yet; Ive looked at a number of sites; wonder if you have any comments on that. I am interested in cybertrader; however, they werent listed as a realtick feed company. Sort Wizard site specifies Realtick. Ive talked with terranovaMB, whose platform wont be ready for 2 months. As a novice, I would like to avoid the expense of 2 feeds if possible. Thanks again for your help!
  4. Geneden
    If you have Realtic you dont need Sortwizard to scan for premarket gaps. Realtic has a function that will let you monitor the 50 highest or lowest gapping stocks premarket built right into it.
  5. Actually, Realtick will give you the top 20 gapping stocks for NNMS and the top 20 for small cap. Additionally, you cannot sort based on the specific criteria mentioned. That said, I use this Gap list by Realtick myself to trade a 30 minute gap play every day though I have wondered if I am missing additional opportunites since I stopped using Sort Wizard. I think I will start using it again and compare the results to the RT gap scan and see.

    Geneden, check out as a source for a realtick broker. They have an affiliation with a company that offers RT on a cents per share basis (great for learning with small lots) and you get some free level 2 training as well.
  6. Dustin


    I think CyberTrader's "CyberQuant" will do this but I don't use it so I can't say for sure. Probably someone else here can confirm.
  7. Dattrader
    Its been a little while since I used Realtic but I'm pretty sure it will give you 50 units. One of the reasons I left my previous dataprovider when I went to Realtic was because they only provided 25 most actives. I got my data direct from Townsend Analytics and not through a broker. That might make a difference. I found that 50 was almost always enough to cover the major movers.
  8. I just counted, Realtick gives you 40 of everything except hot volume (50), and stuff that varies such as new 52 week highs.

    To access this go to Favorites/MarketMinder/TAL chain symbol list, and drag and drop one of the symbols into a seperate market minder window.

  9. RT's list is fixed. Gap identifcation is nice but there are other criteria that makes it a worthwhile trading candidate. The SortWizard gives you the flexibility to set the criteria you want from a wide range of criteria to chose from.

    Check out especially the features of the Plus and the Resource Center.