Sorry, polls aren't tightening

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  3. a couple polls are at 3% for Obama. So yes they are tightening
  4. Not a couple - Fox News. And here are the details:

    ABOUT THAT FOX NEWS POLL.... There have been some national polls showing John McCain narrowing the gap a bit this week -- which is not at all unexpected -- but Fox News raised some eyebrows this afternoon with a new poll showing Obama's lead down to just three points nationwide, 47% to 44%.

    A week ago, a similar Fox News poll showed Obama's lead at nine points, 49% to 40%, which certainly gives the appearance of some favorable movement in McCain's direction.

    But it is Fox News, which, as a rule, is grounds for some skepticism. In this case, the results are worth a closer look.

    One of Marc Ambinder's readers noted that Fox News changed its sampling for this poll, as compared to last week's. Seven days ago, 43% of respondents were Dems, and 37% were Republicans. This week, 41% were Dems, and 39% were Republicans. Fewer Dems and more Republicans will obviously produce a more McCain-friendly result.

    So, why change the weighting in the poll? Ambinder asked's Mark Blumenthal for his take.

    He tells me: "If they have been weighting by party, and they suddenly changed their weighting, I'd say it's a pretty questionable practice. The last four Fox surveys all varied slightly in terms of party ID, so I'm not sure that's what they've done. That said, if the other surveys this week show no similar 'shift' in party, then it's probably reasonable to discount this result."

    Steve M. had a good item on this, noting, "Democrats had a six-point party-affiliation advantage in the last poll. Now it's two? Anybody think that in any way jibes with reality right now? According to Gallup, that's less than the Dems' party advantage in 2006 or 2004. Anyone think they've slipped over the past two years? Preposterous. But it got Murdoch just the number he wanted."

    Something to keep in mind when Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly trumpet this poll tonight.
  5. Any of Obama's leads will be erased by bradley
  6. LOL well sense fox news is the only conservative poll i guess all the other (liberal) polls should be questioned as well.

    Petty petty petty.
  7. iibd/tipp shows movement toward Obama
    Gallup likely shows movement toward Obama
    Rasmussen shows movement toward Obama
    Zogby shows movement toward Obama
    ABC/ WaPo Stable

    These are the most reliable daily tracking polls.
    it tightened the last couple's loosening again.

    It's going to be a long weekend
  8. I go to real clear politics and take out the two or three most extreme polls. Take out the Obama up 3% and the Obama up 14% and I would say you have a pretty good average.
  9. None of the RCP polls are daily tracking polls, tracking polls are as close as you can get to the internals used by the campaigns.

    The big one today will be released later CBS/ NYtimes. at 6:30, we'll see

    Anyway, it'll tighten again as we get close to Tuesday, None of them is going to win by more than 2 points, that's for sure
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