Sorry no crash today, BUY THOSE DIPS!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by michaelscott, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Clever!
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  2. congrats once again bro, for you that play the ZERO RISK FREE MONEY JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES AND BUY system$$$

    Ka Friggin' Chingo $$$
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  3. EPrado


    Just checking.
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  4. I am peering deep into my most inner thoughts, and I see another precious dip coming our way in the near to very near future.
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  5. EPrado


    It will happen. When you get to overbought levels you will get nasty selloffs. For longer term trading most likely good entries....if you have the stones/capital to give it ample room.
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  6. If by chance we are gifted enough to get a multi day decline, like thats really going to happen, down side follow thru whats that? Man its a distant memory for sure.

    Remember. just back up your new Mercedes S550 and fill er up.
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  7. EPrado


    I think you are the last guy on here who wants to be reminded of what a nasty sell off is like.

    Last time you got all hot and bothered about the mkt we tanked and you got spanked.

    You really should learn to play the short side. There are times when shorting can produce huge gains...and a hell of a lot faster than the long side.
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  8. Great quote, spot on.
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  9. Your right about that, you can make in one one week of a good short, what you can make in three months holding a long position.

    If the trend were down I would short, I would short them rallys, but the trend is up so I buy them dips.

    I like listing to (Bernstein The Magnificent Seven) theme and buying them dips.

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