Sorry kitty, you are not getting out of jury duty!

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    Cat is summoned for jury duty in Boston; court rejects owners' appeal to disqualify him

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    Boston resident Sal Esposito has been called to jury duty, but there's one thing standing in the way of his ability to serve: He's a cat.

    Massachusetts couple Anna and Guy Esposito received a jury duty summons for their feline friend this month, who they had listed as a household resident on the 2010 Census.

    "Sal is a member of the family so I listed him on the last Census form under pets but there has clearly been a mix-up," Anna told local TV station WHDH. "I read the whole thing and I said, 'Oh my God, how could he go, he's a cat?'"

    "I was shocked," added Anna's husband Guy, though he said Sal - a fan of crime shows - "knows right and wrong."

    Anna filed to have her pet disqualified from the service requirement on the grounds he is "unable to speak and understand English." She even included a letter from her vet explaining that Sal is not a human being but a "domestic short-haired neutered feline," WHDH reported.

    The court rejected the request, and as things stand, Sal will have to report for duty to Suffolk Superior Crown Court in Boston on March 23.

    And what if Sal the cat is asked to weigh in on a case?

    "He'll probably do a meow for the answer," Anna said.

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    Boston, isn't that a hot bed of liberalism?
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    Please tell me that's a joke...LOL:p
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    It's going to be a very hairy situation, that's for sure. :)
  5. The trial ended with a hung jury of 9 guilty, 2 not guilty, and 1 meow votes.
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    At least the cat wouldn't award a multi million dollar settlement to some jackass who used his hedge trimmer to shave his kids head.:D
  7. I would just go for the hell of it and to see the reactions and get some laughs out of it.