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    But I am looking for any information on how to trade futures profitably. I'm sure everyone is. But I figure i could get more honest answers from real people who trade than to buy some overpriced course without knowing anything about the author other than his own marketing hype.
    I would appreciate any advice anyone is willing to give.

  2. Honest answers? Most of the responders here who either tell you to quit or to pursue this are likely paper traders. If you are willing to invest $50-100K, about 10,000 hours and still have an 80% chance of losing all your money, then you came to the right place :cool:

    NOTE: this was not a joke answer, but you will understand better after investing the above and still not understanding why your ship did not come in.
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    Yes. Sadly that is the answer I'm most often running into from experienced traders. I guess learning to trade is like anything else. There is a process involved and going through the process doesn't mean you will reach a high level of proficiency at your given field of activity.
  4. I would not say trading is like anything else. It is like a person who wants to spend $99 on an ebay system and practice it for 6 weeks, to make the kind of money that a neurosurgeon makes after 10 years of study.

    The effort the doctor puts in is not far off from the effort most highly successful traders put in. And it is usually involving a lot of lost money as well.