Sorry If I Am Asking Help in the Wrong Place But Please Some Good Soul Help Me and My Mom

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Denilson, Feb 14, 2018.

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    If you are serious, I would be happy to create a thread where I post—in real time—only the trades I believe to have the highest probability of ending in success, along with my rationale for making such selections. However, what you do with that information is entirely up to you, since I am not licensed to give anyone trading advice. You also need to know that at present, I only trade Forex.
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    Argentina is in the same spot as well, if not even worse. People here only believe in socialism and if you even call yourself a libertarian people will see you as a facist capitalist egocentric pig. It doesn't even make sense. We have no hope as a country. Chile made some progress on that.

    We have really low taxes on trading tho...
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    Latin america as a whole is the same thing... The only thing that varies is the degree of socialism, usually increasing in all countries... Argentina, with that imbecile Cristina Kirschner and her husband are a disgrace to the country. Chile had a good path when it was following Milton Friedman's ideas, even under the tyranny of Pinochet... But in the last decades went down the socialist path too and is now increasinly in deep shit.
    Low taxes on trading are not that important when property rights have no value, as is the case in Latin America.. And "Brazil's IRS"(Receita Federal) are a bunch of thugs that are constantly looking for ways to steal and and fine you for anything at all(not that different from the IRS, I admit)... Not to mention the foreign exchange risk... Our currencies are always in a roller coaster move relative to the Dollar...
    But, as I said, to me, the most important is to have at least a god portion of the population that has a great degree of distrust regarding government.
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    it is interesting that denilson, creator of this thread, was there for only 1 day. variation of the Nigerian Scam or did he go over the edge.?
    neither scenario would be a good outcome.
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    Erm... What I generally hate the most about a tribal land is the law of the tribe. You talk of freedom. But you can't trade CFDs in the US, you can only do futures. However, CFDs are less risky than futures because you have no time constraint on them, while a future has an expiration date. In Europe, you are free to ride any CFD you want for as long as you want. In the US, the CFTC (Big Brother) has decided that the maximum leverage is 50:1 on major pairs and 20:1 on minors. In Europe, you can get way more than you need, with as much as 400:1. Where's the freaking freedom when all trading is ruled by a bunch of moronic governmental paper pushers who know nothing about retail trading? Freedom is not having a vicious, crooked government trying to put its filthy hands on your money. Yes, you have the freedom of sleeping with a gun under your pillow in the US. But I don't give a damn about that. I don't want the freedom to grease a gun. I want the freedom to enter a position on whatever the hell I want at a leverage of 400:1 if I feel like it. That is, my friend, why I will never go back to the US.
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    We will probably never know. But some people were definitely behaving like real douchebags toward him. Instead of trying to prevent people to financially kill themselves with powerful 400:1 leverages, the morons working in the US government should engage in a global witch hunting war vs all the bullies lurking in the shadows of the internet. That would keep them busy for a while.
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    Hmm... This sounds like an emotional right brained eructation, Steve. Full of implied beliefs and political slogans. Totally irrational.

    1) Being an employee doesn't make you productive. There is boatloads on non-productive people in any type of work.

    2) Traders are very useful for society. Who will have shoulders large enough to carry the risk of a US steel producer, when he wants, for instance, to hedge his yearly sales in CAD by buying USD/CAD? The trader, of course. No trading, no hedging for any producer in any industry.

    Do you know how a brain works, Steve? You definitely seem to lean on the right side. You definitely sound like a little sloganized bundle of emotions. The perfect irrational voter politicians love to "talk" to.

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    Again, it's a matter of taste...:)
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  9. Or ... the free market place at work. If you don't like the rules find someplace where you do like the rules.

    I've never known a trader that can't trade on a quarterly time frame basis (or under). Much under in most cases.

    An investor is a completely different story.
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    When you entrust too much power in people.....well....they take it and more.
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