Sorry If I Am Asking Help in the Wrong Place But Please Some Good Soul Help Me and My Mom

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    Yeah. I guess we can agree to call it a matter of taste. I loved NYC when I was younger. Lived many years there. Spent a year in Alexandria (Virginia) right next to Washington D.C. But as I said, I am a trader, not a patriot, and I go where I want to, not where I'm sent to. Time changes tastes, just like it changes everything. Now I prefer Europe. I loved beer a few years ago, now I prefer red wine.

    US capital gain taxes are amongst the shittiest in the whole world. Together with the vicious tendency of the US government to always try to put its big ugly nose into your accounts. Don't forget that it's YOUR money, not the government's, whatever they may say. Think twice before moving there. I'm sure the taxes in Brazil are much more trader-friendly. I'd say rationality will keep you in Brazil, unless you're a fanatical patriot and you're totally in deep, mad love with the US soil and "culture". In that case, I think we can forget about taxes or any rational argument whatsoever. You have madly fallen in love with a country, poor you, what can I say, follow your heart. Kiss its flag. March in rank to the sound of its national music. Speaking for myself I don't fall in love with countries. Only certain women have that irrational effect on me. Enough said. Happy trails, Neo.
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    You seem to project and assume a lot about me... Who the hell said anything about kissing flags? Or even "madly falling in love"?:D
    Freedom, that's it. People, individuals that have a high distrust of government and that, even though the monster has grown and keeps growing, at least realize that it should be reduced to a minimum size. Something I never heard in all other countries I visited or lived in.
    Coming from a Canadian, I'm not surprised your big empathy for huge government loving Europe(again, it's a matter of taste). Even though there are some notable exceptions like Jordan Peterson....:)
    Anyway, good luck with your choices! All the best!
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    neuroway is correct, in some ways the US is more socialist than Europe. the two of you have hijacked this thread. you should be focusing on the plight of Denilson, the OP. who has disappeared for over 24 hours from this thread.
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    Maybe he won the lottery and no longer needs the dough.
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    If Denilson didn't complain, I don't see why it should bother you. You're not the owner here and the people that could object here are the moderators.:finger:
    Furthermore, I disagree with your statement. The U.S. is indeed more socialist than it ever was, but nothing compared to Europe. Maybe Switzerland has a chance of comparing... But the E.U. is just one big totalitarian monster that is increasingly getting out of control.
    If by any chance you are american and prefer Europe. We can make arrangements to make each others goals easier, since I have the italian citizenship too.
    (I'm being sarcastic, almost all Americans that trash the U.S. and praise Europe don't have the balls to put their money where their mouth is and simply move out of the country.)
    In any event... Funny that you criticized us for alledgedly having hijacked the thread, but still gave your opinion on the subject that you considered irrelevant for Denilson, thus taking part and adding a post to the discussion... There's a word for that: hypocrisy.:D
    Anyway... I don't give a damn.:cool:
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    false statement.
    "neuroway is correct, in some ways the US is more socialist than Europe. the two of you have hijacked this thread. you should be focusing on the plight of Denilson, the OP. who has disappeared for over 24 hours from this thread."
    I could have substituted the word we for you.
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    Don't just say something is false without having the means to prove it or back it up with logic. It makes you look childish.:)
    Indeed, you could, but it would not change anything, since you would still be a hypocrite for adding a post to a discussion that you said was hijacking the thread. ;):D
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    I think U.S. is moving away from socialism under the new administration. Good for businesses and traders. More freedom with lesser regulations.
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  9. I suggest you get a job. Become productive. Stop trading.
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  10. Get some now. The market seems to be upturning.
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