Sorry If I Am Asking Help in the Wrong Place But Please Some Good Soul Help Me and My Mom

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  1. This whole thread topic sounds weird and fake. :confused: and trolly,

    How does a random Joe in Brazil come up with $150K to trade?
    ...$150K in a Latin sh*thole country like Brazil is like more than a million in the US.

    And anybody with that much money can't be that foolish and dumb and naive with financial matters.
    If you are the exception to that rule...then you don't have my sympathy.
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  2. zdreg


    "Trust but verify. "
    Ronald Reagan, President of the US on nuclear arms agreement with Russia

    my feeling is that he telling mostly the truth, but what can you do except show
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  3. Thank you but the OP answered it. Move on.
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  4. Neuroway


    And you surely don't have mine neither, jerk. Why are these kinds of posts tolerated in these forums?
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  5. zdreg


    i read the OP's response to
    International Foods & Services Industria E Comercio De Produtos Naturais Ltda - Me

    what does it have to do with the OP's first post.
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  6. henry76


    Sympathetic , unsympathetic , but just true.
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  7. cole_


    there are people making money in binary options but not with those scam bucketshops

    there are 3 cftc regulated binary options exchanges - cantor exchange, nadex and CBOE. you should not consider binary options from anyone else.
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  8. NeoTrader


    I'm from Brazil. And unfortunately, he is right. It is a shithole. Most brazilians made sure it became that. The sad thing is that the U.S. is moving in the same direction too.
    And nice link about bitcoin in Vienna, btw. I lived there for almost two years. Beautiful city, loved it. It brought back very nice memories...:)
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  9. Neuroway


    Greetings from Canada, Neo. Yes, Vienna is one of my favourite spots in Europe. I love Geneva (I normally stay at Annecy on the French side when I go there) and Rome too. I spend a good part of the year all over the place in Europe, actually, but it's been more than 8 years since I haven't put a single foot into the US (I don't like it very much to be honest), and I don't know Brazil.

    We are traders. We work and live where it pleases us to do so, and not where our employer wants us to be. I believe it is extremely generalistic and crassly ignorant to put a qualifier like "shithole" on an entire country. I'm sure there are very good places to live in Brazil or even India, just like Canada (or even Switzerland or Austria) are full of shitholes you wouldn't want to spend 10 mins of your life in.
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  10. NeoTrader


    I get it. It is a matter of taste. I personally love the U.S. and that is why I intend to move there. Brazil is a beautiful place to visit. Great beaches, awesome restaurants, lots of other natural beauties... But that is about it. It is a terrible place to live in. And believe me, I live in Curitiba, one of the best cities in the country. But even here the people are extremely ignorant and even the people with higher degrees of education live in the constant paradox of criticizing the government while attributing it more and more functions and then wondering what went wrong when shit hits the fan.
    To me, the great thing about the U.S. is that there is at least a good portion of the population that is not (completetly) ignorant in that sense, even though this has gotten worse over the years. But still, for freedom loving people, I`m yet to find a place that even compares to the U.S. The constitution there is based on freedom. Here, to get to that point, we would have to literally rewrite the whole constitution, because it is full of communist shit.
    I have lived in Italy too and despite what a lot of people think about Italy, I classify it as a shithole too, just as Brazil. Great place to visit, beautiful country, but that is about it.
    Sure there are awfull places in every country in this world, but my definition considers the country as a whole, admitting that there will always be better and worse places in it, but the fundamental question to me is freedom loving people. In Brazil, there are almost NONE, literally. And from what I perceived in my time living in european countries, these people are very rare there too(I have friends in Austria that are just a step left from Karl Marx and the ones against these were leaning to the other fascist side, so just as bad...)
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