Sorry If I Am Asking Help in the Wrong Place But Please Some Good Soul Help Me and My Mom

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  1. Denilson


    Good Night from Brazil

    My name is Denilson Catoi 31 years old i am a newbie on financial markets.
    I start to trade binary options 2 years ago without any knowledge, and i thought that I will become a millionaire very quicly...sooo dumb, fool, stupid.
    I fall in so many scams for the last 2 years, scam brokers like,, and after that i start to buy courses that was only trash and did not help at all.
    So i start to look for private managers on internet, even worst decision because i was several times trust in people and they just stole my money.
    Guys i lost around 150k usd in all those 2 years i my situation now is very very veryyyy hard, my mom is with melanoma our little house is in garnishment I destroy my family, I am in deep depression for the last 5 years treating with my psychiatrist who is an enlightened being, because it does not charge me queries and still gives me the medicines that I have to take because we do not have money for anything beyond basics and some times even that.
    I tried to kill my self two times because i lost faith in people and humanity.
    But i am realing trying to get trough all this with my mom's help and my doctor.
    I know that there is people making huge profits in binary options with several different strategies or robots.
    So I dont know what else to say or BEG PLEASE SOME ONE HELP ME AND MY MOM 60 YEARS OLD SHE STILL WORKS AS A GUIDANCE COUNSELOR TEACHER, official of the state at 42 years and in the last 2 years has been receiving in installment his salary that everyone knows in Brazil is a shame.

    Please some one help us we really need help guys i beg for anyone.

    Kind regards and sorry for my i vent.

    Denilson Catoi
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  2. Visaria


    Where did u obtain 150k from in the 1st place?
  3. carrer


    What kind of help do you need?
  4. Peter10


    How can we help?
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  5. Denilson


    We made several loans took borrowed money from some people...
  6. Denilson


    Any help that can help us to make profits with low investment...
  7. Denilson


    I take any kind of help who help us to make profits
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  8. Visaria


    so how can anyone help if you have no money to trade with?
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  9. Denilson


    we have but not much only maybe i can get 1.5k usd tops
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  10. SunTrader


    Who is Trading Fraternity?
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