Sorry I Ruined Your Black Panther Party

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  1. stock, would you even consider hedging? I know making money in a down mkt is outside your skill set, but how about selling calls or shorting an index? Keeping you're head inthe sand and praying is just kind of silly when there are ways to protect yourself right?
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  2. No need to hedge. The markets probably won't go much lower. (famous last words ..yadda yadda). The dow could lose 400 more points but would that cause a blow up? Not for me.

    Also the market has a habit of rapidly pricing in potentially bad news so by the time you get a chance to hedge it is almost too late for it to matter.

    The key is sticking your money in quality securities and riding it out.

    Turn off the ticker

    Then again I'm looking at things fomr an investing/long term standpoint. Daytraders could care less if the dow goes up or down.
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  4. stock i would not count most of you're holdings quality. with the exception of gm, you own high beta momo stocks, that are priced for perfection. one slip up and they get hammered. i know you don't listen to anyone but yourself, but be ready for a blowup.
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  5. :D :D $$$$$$$$$$$$$:D :D
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  6. I don't know any bull market in history that wasn't followed by a bear market.

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  7. you know those steel puts are the only thing I'm not sure about.... steel prices are still quite high, and china growth is driving it.

    if you're short, why don't you just short the brokers instead. (altho I wouldn't short em here)
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  8. I am not married to any of these, put them on today and will gladly cash in my chips when the market tells me to.

    The days action suggests to me that my 10% correction is quite probable. I use sep futures as my basis therefore 1408 sep es fulfills this. We are only 53 points away from this.

    Overall, I am actually quite bearish on steel. The construction cycle is coming down fast. I think X can get back in the 70's rather easy.
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  9. Yea another big day of selling

    so whats new
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