Sorry guys no chance for a down day

Discussion in 'Trading' started by myminitrading, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. If anyone cares, we hit -1000 on the New York Stock Exchange TICK count yesterday.

    That was the first time in over a month the TICK had gone under -1000. That time the S&P dropped an additional 10 points in the next couple days before rebounding...
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  2. The return on equity for being long somewhere between Oct-Nov thru Apr-May is well-documented and fairly persuasive. But don't let facts rule your decision-making. Instead, stick with ideas promoting the notion that any one person, political group, or business directly effects the overall return of a diversified portfolio.
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  3. volente_00


    History also says that Sept is bad for stocks yet the S&P ran up almost 5% this Sept.
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  4. S2007S


    Sept and OCT usually are the months the markets dont do well, BUT this time they did extremely well.

    After this huge run up in the markets if the fools are expecting a "santa clause rally" they better keep wishing because this year I think its going to be A SANTA CLAUSE SELLLOFFFFFF...
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  5. volente_00


    I'm with ^
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  6. Just another great day in the US equity markets, nothing but great news everywere. Up Up Up and away!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is it as great as everyone is saying?
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  7. yes I love 100% up room to go but everyone always gets mad when I try to help.....
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  8. you've been calling for a sell-off the past 2 weeks. do you ever get tired of being wrong? :cool:
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  9. Maverick74


    I never understood why traders bitch about why the market moves up or down. Just trade the market. If you are so sure it's going higher, get long and make a killing. It amazes me that all these ET'ers are short the market and rather then take a loss, they start threads screaming at how corrupt everything is. Some guys never learn. This is why every 3 months on this site we see a whole new cycle of aliases and it starts all over again. The markets never change.
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  10. S2007S


    nope....there are plenty of predictions that go 2 weeks i have been wrong if it were 2 years it would be a different story.
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