Sorry guys no chance for a down day

Discussion in 'Trading' started by myminitrading, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. I am not sure the exact time the crash news actually hit....I was concentrating on scaling out ES positions watching the delta. I was surprised at the level of selling from what I thought was fed notes release reaction...then when the crash news was first reported everything started to make more sense.
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  2. CNBC is going crazy on this right now as if accidents never happen... :D
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  3. Just look what is in front of your face...tomorrow is a new day...
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  4. Today was a real good day.....I hope tomorrow has the movement like we had today.
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  5. billp


    I think tomorrow is going to be a down day
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  6. piezoe


    I think tomorrow is going to be a down day

    Well, well, well, another prediction.

    "Never make predictions, especially about the future." Y.B.

    But, should it be: "never make predictions, especially right before an election!"

    It will be interesting to observe the market discounting, eventually, everything it "normally", whatever that means?, would have discounted during the past 6 weeks, but in 1 to 2 weeks instead. That should be mighty exciting.

    The bears will then come out of their caves hungry as a pack of wild shrieking shrews after their long hibernation.
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  7. bears cant catch a break. lrcx big number after the close.
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  8. Absolutely effing right. I can't believe how many people here indulge in this "the black helicopters are circling as The Jew Bankers pull the puppet strings" horseshit.

    Even if all the conspiracy theories are true, <i>why fight it if it keeps you from making money!!!</i> That is the point of trading, right? To make money? Maybe I'm wrong and the point is to bend The Jew Bankers to your will in the marketplace. :confused:
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  9. You got the Jew bankers right, dont forget the Jew in the US treasury now, he can really pull the strings coming from Goldman.

    They sure are clannish dont you think?
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  10. Looks like another up day for the Republicans as they cling to the rise in the Dow, look how great thing are you simple little voters.

    Everyone wakes up and is bombarded with GREAT financial news. keeps you from selling, makes you greedy for more.
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