Sorry guys no chance for a down day

Discussion in 'Trading' started by myminitrading, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. No such thing as a down day in the US equity markets, everything is roses, Dow hitting new high, energy prices falling, US Dollar rising, what a wonderful picture that has been painted.

    All part of the feel good strategy complements of the political party in power. Its all an illusion trust me. If they maintain power this happy little illusion will turn upside down just as fast as it righted itself three months ago.
  2. LT701


    tape does feel 'painted', doesnt it
  3. Just another happy day in fantasy land, tonight you will here over and over Dow makes another high, oil continues to plunge, retail gas prices DOWN 30% IN ONE MONTH.

    Yes it truly is a wonderful life! just make sure you vote Republican hehehe.
  4. It feels completely orchestrated, they are just rotating money around to keep the balls in the air. Bush gave another "why is everyone worried things are fucking great, dude" speech and it was buy buy buy.
  5. yes,I really hoped for Dow sell off today. But probably too early. Stops just covered my short
  6. Arnie


    Really? Could you give us an example.

    Go pull up a chart of the S&P500 in from late Dec '94 to about Jun '95. That will give you some idea of what a sustained bull run can look like.
  7. taodr


    As they say in Europe " Goldman Sacks is really busy running america"
  8. the market seldom sells off when the semis are running. look at the smh.
  9. Painted or not, don't fight the tape.

    Who cares why it moves, just ride it!
  10. Its lunch time and everything looks great all US markets are green and the bad news from Alcoa is all ready forgotten, just buy buy buy.
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