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Discussion in 'Trading' started by lojze, Jul 11, 2002.

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    Which is the best indicator to show relative strength or weakness of certain stock?

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    Let me explain:

    Today I couldn't decide between BRCD, BRCM, NET, MCAF, SYMC which to choose for trading after the NAS rally began.

    Any help available?
  3. sorry. I'm not telling!!! hahahahahahah.. :)

    just joking. are you talking about Wilder's Relative Strength? or strength of the stock relative to another stock, the market, an index etc?
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    I am talking about strength relative to the other stock.

    But actually: What's Wilder's Relative Strength?

  5. You should have been in any and all semis/chips when the rally began.
  6. There is relative strength vs. an index, usually the S&P 500. The relative strength of the index is set to 100 or 1, depending on the software you use, so that it is the standard by which your stock is being judged. If your stocks' relative strength number is above that then it is stronger than the index. Relative strength and the 200 day moving average are the most common technical indicators used by swing and position traders, although there are many more.

    Wilders RSI is completely different. It is an oscillator. Many people prefer using the stochastic as an oscillator. If you aren't familiar ith oscillators there is a good book called "trading with oscillators".
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    yep Wilder rsi
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    How suited is RSI for daytraders? With which indicator shows the clearer picture?

  9. RSI is wilder's indicator. IMO it is a load of crap. (I'm not sure what the hell it's got to do with "relative strength")
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