Sorry Folks We Just Can't Have A Correction Anymore

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  1. The powers that be will just not allow it. The trouble is Asia will soon be the masters, and the american fed will be no more.
  2. This bull market will be the longest in history of the stock market
  3. Energy will kill it, bet on it.
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  5. Yea I know, they just discovered how to make crude oil their just not telling everyone.

    I would appear oil is not transitory anymore, thats you first clue.
  6. Rising commodity prices are non inflationary. This is a very good sign. Also, gas and energy prices for consumers is in line with inflation. Paying an extra 20-40 cents a year at the pump won't strain the consumer at all. Neither will rising heating oil.

  7. Your in denial, or you don't grocery shop.
  8. Overtime food prices WILL rise. Why is this a surprise? You can't pass off anecdotal or personal evidence as fact. Just because you think food prices are rising too quickly doesn't mean all of America has the same opinion.
  9. In case you haven't noticed commodity prices are not transitory anymore. What do you get from the fed, inflation,debt.
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    im am just extremely amazed by todays market. Just when you think its headed for another correction the markets come right back up, i posted earlier how bearish i was and that by friday the losses that would have occured today were be gone by the end of this week, well i think i spoke too soon, the losses were erased in about 3 hours. This market is unhealthy, the way its trading, how its trading etc etc, it doesnt look good. No one here thought that when the dow was down 200 points that by 4pm closing it would be in the green. NO ONE.
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