Sorry but I do not want the US to end up like this.

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Do you think the US is headed in this direction

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  1. Living behind barriers while the rest of the US is shanty towns etc. is not something I want to see in the future.

    The way things are going eventually this ugly future could rear its ugly head. I till take another 25 years the way we are moving but it will be bad.

  2. Looks like New York City to me:) . Manhattan is an over rated slum IMHO.
  3. dewton


    yes the US is headed in that direction, due to excessive debt levels that will only increase exponentially in the future.
  4. I want to stand on top of that condo and jump off each ledge into every swimming pool all the way to the bottom! :D
  5. In 20 years, the real middle class, as a % of the U.S. population, will be half what it is now, and the underclass will be 3x as large.
  6. Eight


    I read a book entitled "The End of Work" recently.. I'd say we definitely have been headed in that direction for twenty years so far and no end in sight and nothing anybody can do about it... it is fear of being on the poor side of things that led me to start thinking about trading really, glad I did because work not only sucks, it's non profit, WIN stands for Work Is Nonprofit btw..