Sorry, another Covid thread :-)

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by BKR88, Sep 14, 2021.

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    Here is a good tip...

    If you want to have an intelligent / useful discussion about vaccines and medical to have such at a forum involving such.

    Myself, I have a degree in Immunology and Genetics. Very few hear know about such because I tend to stay away from the discussions involving these topics at a trading forum.

    I want to put emphasis on what I put above in bold fonts...this is a trading forum and not a one-shop place for all types of discussions although I'm sure the forum owner would love to have traders or none traders come here and talk about everything on the planet.

    Simply, if I want to talk about landscape photography...I am not going to do it at a forum for traders. If I want to talk about buying a home in Sweden...I am not going to do it at a forum for traders. If I want to talk about the Lakota Indigenous Americans / Canadians...I am not going to do it at a forum for traders. If I want to talk about Military Veterans and Pensions...I am not going to do it at a forum for traders. If I want to talk about snowbirds from Canada living in Florida or any other southern state of the United States...I am not going to talk about it at a forum for traders..

    My point is obvious, there are excellent discussions about Vaccines, Covid, Mandates at other forums specific to such outside of this trading forum. New forums are popping up every week if you look hard enough and they're much better than the discussions here ET about the same topic.

    This is a great forum for anything involving trading.

    I myself talk about Vaccines at this forum only because I saw too many people polluting the trading threads with conversation about Covid and other Political debate...traders that made a decision to troll other members via following / dragging the debates out of the Political section into the Trading sections in hopes of making a final point.

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    I've followed the doctors/research quite a bit on other forums.
    ET has a "Health and Fitness" section so nothing wrong with providing a link to an article.
    As I stated, I'm not looking to get into a discussion.
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    Well, if I wasn't looking to get into a discussion...why post at a public forum for discussion ?

    Yet, you're correct in that there's nothing wrong with providing a link to an article but we all know here at a trading forum that it opens up a discussion by others that disagrees with the info at the link or agrees with the info at the link.

    Another point...providing a link in a message within an existing thread about Vaccines is very different than starting a thread about Vaccines under the facade you don't want a discussion. :rolleyes:

    I apologize if I may seem sarcastic but this has been done before by people starting a thread about a topic and then announcing they're not interested in a discussion at a public forum. Thus, it's very strange when you could have just posted your link within a Vaccine thread that's already has a discussion about the same info.

    Take care.

    I don't want to have a discussion here at a trading forum about landscape photography. Thus, I will not start a thread about such with a smiley face in the title. :rolleyes:

    Ask Baron to close this thread or any other thread that you start but do not want a discussion to occur in the thread although I strongly believe it's much easier to not start the thread.

    Ok...I'll stop with the sarcasm. :D

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  5. Anyone notice that wrbtrader does not even say one word about the article posted and only attacks BKR88, who started this thread?

    He also points out how important he is and his supposed degree in immunology which I think is a blatant lie.

    Nice deflection there wrbtrader. It's pathetic, but it is what it is. Now go screw yourself.
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    Do you know "the pot calling the kettle black"?

    @wrbtrader may be lying, but you may also be lying about his real or fake education. Do you know Wrb personally, or do you know what his education is?
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    Only one person (an active ET member) knows my academic background and which schools I attended in France and the United States (primary school, secondary school, undergrad and graduate).

    Here's another fact, as stated, I was posting sarcasm (making a little fun poke) to BKR88...not attacking him although the topics I mention are real and very of interest to me although I will not talk about them here at a trading forum known for trolling / multiple aliases (latter a hint about a current bet).
    • If I was going to attack BKR88...I would simply call him a liar about his intentions.
    By the way, the scum FortuneTeller is a known racist troll here at ET (temporarily banned for such), and right on cue via a bet with another member...he showed up to defend another member that posted a Vaccine thread at a public forum but does not want to discuss it.
    • Correct, FortuneTeller does not know me personally although he had once promise to troll me. :sneaky:
    The trolling at this forum is not rocket science. If you want to troll the forum, start a controversial topic in the community lounge and then announce you don't want to discuss the thread you've just started instead of just asking the forum owner (Baron) to close your thread...

    My view and bet...lets see whom comes quickly to defend the thread. :rolleyes:

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