Soros's Deep Pockets vs. Bush

Discussion in 'Politics' started by fxtrading, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. The irony here is that Soros may have accomplished the exact opposite. It's undeniable that a centrist Democrat has a much better chance against Bush than a far-left candidate like Dean...Yet it was Soros funded that that thrust Dean into the limelight, raised his cash, and transformed him into the frontrunner.
  2. i have the utmost respect for soros as a trader and an economist. he was instrumental in bringing down the soviet block and has done many many noble things--HOWEVER-- he is wrong here without an able replacement, disaster awaits.

    he needs to provide a practical alternative to bush, i have not seen one yet.


  3. my biases aside, my money's on Soros.

    simply put, Soros knows a hell of a lot more about international affairs than dubya does. he's been through the rebuilding of governments and the banishing of corrupt leaders.

    dubya trying to win against soros (plus soros' friends and wealth) is like a rottweiler trying to kill a grizzly bear. sure, the dog will last for a while, but eventually the bear will get fed up and rip it in half.

    dubya's on the wrong side of Soros' stick and that's all there is to it.
  4. Kerry, Gephardt, Lieberman, each could function well as the chief executive, in terms of populating the executive branch with competent people.

    As for providing national leadership, and directing America's role in the world, I'll reserve judgement.

    Surf, obviously you did not consider one able candidate, and normally I would run, but I am too busy right now.:(
  5. ges


    Disaster awaits if Bush isn't replaced. He is setting us way back in international relations. It's hubris to think this doesn't matter.

    Ham-fisted is the way I would characterize this administrations diplomatic efforts (or complete lack thereof).


  6. agree but I dont see Bush as able or practical either
  7. Soros deep pockets? Hardly, he's just one old man. The declared Bush war chest is 100M too which can be added the weight of corporate America, the US government, misc. allies here and there.

    He better hope every single dollar he has is clean too because his whole life is about to get looked into by some dark hombres.

    He's just a little babe when it comes to United States politics.

  8. "America, under Bush, is a danger to the world,"

    I relished in reading his Fortune interview. He 's my hero. Finally someone with a large audience comes out and declares war to the evil Bush administration.