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    Einstein called for a world government, which would be the sole authority over nuclear power. He argued that the potential for total annilihation from nuclear war deemed it necessary for a sole controller, that would have no enemy.

    He obviously didn't believe the truism that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Or the questio: Who will police the police?

    Just goes to show, you can be one of the world's richest men or even the world's smartest, and still come to the wrong conclusion.
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    A good site. Another interesting read:


    Unfortunately, they are too blinded by their illusions of a perfectly supportive and harmonious government controlled society, to understand the profundity of his experience.

    "What have you done for me lately!" ... blah, blah, blah ...
  4. Considering your country of origin, I'd think you'd have mixed feelings toward the guy.

    Naturally, I oppose his Marxist rantings... yet I admire the work he's done toward modernizing and educating Eastern Europe. Also notable are his heroic efforts in fighting the drug prohibition laws.
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    Capitalism and socialism arise mutually.

    Show me something perfect in this world.
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    Barry Bonds swing on roids.
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    True charity is done anonymously. Otherwise it's just influence peddling. War on "Drug War" I agree with that wholeheartedly.
    In one of his books he says he was convinced as a child he was God. I was reading interview with his son and you have to get to the conclusion that guy suffers from serious case of megalomania.
    Regarding Jews and left-wing politics it's hard to understand their attraction to something which destroyes them in its effects(Ben Stein-American Spectator). Trotsky being text-book example. I thing I understand why but it is beyond the point.