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  1. "Talk of spreading democracy looms large in the
    National Security Strategy," writes George Soros in
    Atlantic Monthly. "But when President Bush says, as he does
    frequently, that freedom will prevail, he means that
    America will prevail.

    "In a free and open society, people are supposed to decide
    for themselves what they mean by freedom and democracy, and
    not simply follow America's lead. The contradiction is
    especially apparent in the case of Iraq, and the occupation
    of Iraq has brought the issue home. We came as liberators,
    bringing freedom and democracy, but that is not how we are
    perceived by a large part of the population. It is ironic
    that the government of the most successful open society in
    the world should have fallen into the hands of people who
    ignore the first principles of open society. At home
    Attorney General John Ashcroft has used the war on
    terrorism to curtail civil liberties. Abroad the United
    States is trying to impose its views and interests through
    the use of military force.

    "The invasion of Iraq was the first practical application
    of the Bush doctrine, and it has turned out to be
    counterproductive. A chasm has opened between America and
    the rest of the world."
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    Yeah, I am sure the Iraqi people would agree with him if they had his money and weren't living in Iraq... I am still trying to figure out what enzyme is produced that breaks down logic in the brain once you become a billionaire.

    What a crock.
  4. not to mention setting up his "inc" offshore to avoid taxes.....
  5. Soros pushed for campaign finance law, then turned around and subverted it by using his own huge fortune to subsidize anti-Bush groups. Even Common Cause, which was for the new law, has criticized his actions.
  6. F$%* You, Soros.
  7. Soros is one of the rare prominent figure in the US to actively speak up and work against Bush. It really takes guts to go against the flow in a country like America where criticism of the government in war time is almost tantamount to treason . For that alone the man deserves a lot of credit and respect . Don't forget he saw the Nazis at work and he saw in Bush what he saw in them . You need more Soros to save America from the morons. If you don't get this then I am sorry for you , you probably belong to the morons camp.
  8. So we should respect Soros because he thinks Bush is Hitler? And how old was Soros when he was observing the Nazi's at work? 10 or 12?

    I don't think it is rare at all for prominent figures to speak out against Bush and the war. The cable shows are full of them every night. We have most of the Democrats in congress, the entire liberal media, the entire Hollywood loony left crowd and the usual blame America professors.

    There may be good reasons to oppose Bush, but Soros hasn't articulated them. The ultimate question isn't whether Bush is perfect, but rather is he a better choice than the alternative.
  9. Judging by the market reaction today to the greatest Bush victory so far in the war with Iraq, it is not only those you named above that do not think highly enough about Bush. Yep, the market decided that this was a non-event. And the market is always right. That was good enough for a publicity stunt, but that does not change absolutely anything in the war with Iraq.
    This war was and remains a burden to this country and it is Bush to blame for it.
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