Soros To Avoid Registering His Hedge Fund

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  1. So after backing all things liberal he is now the victim of his own unintended consequences. You can't make this shit up.

    Soros To Return $1 Bilion Capital To External Investors To Avoid Registering His $25 Billion Hedge Fund
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 07/26/2011 - 07:29

    Bloomberg reports that George Soros will return client capital, and will focus exclusively on managing his own and his family's money, apparently in an indirect protest against the reporting hedge fund requirement of Dodd Frank. Since the capital in question is only about $1 billion of $25.5 billion, this is hardly the big move some are making it out to be, as the bulk of Soros Fund Management is already primarily funded by his own money. Also notable, is that Keith Anderson, the company's COO, has decided to depart. But yes: for all those who wished they could have given money to Soros to manage for them, it is now too late. As for the reason for the change: "Soros’s sons said they took the decision because new financial regulations would have made it necessary for the firm to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission by March 2012 if it continued to manage money for outsiders. Because the firm has overseen mostly family assets since 2000, when outside money accounted for about $4 billion, they decided it made more sense to run it as a family office, according to the letter." Expect to see many more hedge funds based on family capital, for whom external investors are merely a nuisance, do the same thing.
  2. The man is hoarding the wealth. One of the reasons the Roman Empire fell was that people were hoarding all the wealth. That and the weight of illegal immigration...
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    So in addition to being an accomplished Obama apologist you're now a devout Soros apologist. I'm sure your family is proud.
  5. Lucrum, are you really this stupid in real life? Please tell me this is parody elevated to high art.
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  7. Link to source? I know, ET could care less if you quote your source but when copying and pasting it would be smart to quote your source.
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    Why were people immigrating to the empire? All you had to do was wait a coupla years and it would come to you.
  9. One difference between USA and Rome is that they were conquerors. We are not. Yeah we occupy but we don't have government structures in foreign lands.