Soros Pulls Democratic Support

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  1. Sores may no longer be sponsoring the democratic party

    Hedge fund billionaire George Soros has been a top financial backer of Democratic election causes in recent years, donating more than $20 million in 2004. But how he approaches next year’s races is up in the air, Politico reports.

    “Since I don’t know what I’m going to do, I can’t tell you,” he told the news service. Last October Soros hinted he may be finished contributing to the kind of Democratic-linked groups he backed seven years ago. The 2004 extravaganza was “an exception,” he said.

    In a speech Thursday, Soros lamented the lack of bipartisanship. Political extremism is “endangering our open society,” he said. “As I see it, the two sides in the current disputes have each got hold of one half of the truth which they proclaim to be the whole truth.”

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    I would have liked to have seen Soros as Obama's economic adviser or as Treasury Secretary, because so far as I know he never worked for Goldman Sachs. And he is an expert on currencies.
  4. SOROS is a piece of shit had does not understand Currencies any more than one who has been trading currencies for decades..

    SOROS is a piece of shit Globalist and one who funds Parasites and their ideas, like the ideas of most of you clowns on ET.

    Surfer: I think SOROS has funded the Progressives a boat load so now he can pretend to walk away. I call bullshit. The country is on the road to Socialism with SOROS's backing.

    He also has created his "Economic" team to dump the dollar.

    Much like England, I think SOROS my be ready to short the dollar and push it to the brink of destruction. So, he must have the perception that he is not tied to the scumbag Democrats when this happens.
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    Now that truly made me smile. :) Thank you!