Soros placed a long position in Gold

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  1. the market always tells us what matters both in the short term and long term

  2. dumped a lot of gold on fri. and will dump more monday..

    short USO and long puts on GLD
  3. JMHO....airlines are a good buy down here.
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    Peter Schiff also expects gold to continue to rise, perhaps $1,150
  5. no doubt about the six month move but it seems gold's price action has stalled short term

    and really disappointed when it reversed down hard from 975
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    He's probably using futures but its possible that he is using OTC derivatives as well, GLD?are you mad, that can take only a fraction of his assets
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    Looks like he expects the spread on this chart to converge.
  8. Soros into spread trading , hmmm
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    Here is a clip from the article the OP posted.....

    Soros finally shorted oil at $137 a barrel and put on a long position in gold; he expects to see gold hold its ground even if oil continues to decline. In fact, the gold bug clique believes in a consistent 10-to-1 ratio for gold and oil. It holds that either gold will rise to 10 times a barrel of oil ($1,350 an ounce) or oil will fall to $96 a barrel--one-tenth the present market price of gold. Croesus was told Tuesday that statistics spanning many decades support, on average, this 10-to-1 ratio.

    Here is another article on the Oil/Gold ratio.....
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