Soros, Pat Tillman and Indymedia

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  1. My impression of Soros has gone down. Indymedia is ripping on Tillman and Soros is apparently one of it's largest contributors (along with the Ford Foundation, Ralph Nader and Kerry's family - shock!).

    "Yet the American left has neglected to excise the Indymedia cancer from its support base. In 2002, the left-leaning Ford Foundation gave Indymedia $50,000. The Tides Foundation has donated $376,000 to Indymedia, according to Two of the biggest donors to the Tides Foundation? George Soros, who has given over $15 million to Democratic causes during this election cycle, and Teresa Heinz Kerry. Ralph Nader is one of Indymedia's biggest supporters; his group, Public Citizen, is listed as on as an "ally.""

    Here's the link:

    Am I the only one who can't imagine anything more tasteless than trash-talking a dead military personnel?
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    Wow. Thanks for the link.

    I can clearly state that I disagree with much of what is attributed to those web sites, but I'm not yet sure (I'm thinking about it) that I fault those who financially support forums where alternate, non-corporate, 'less edited' (my term) news and opinions are displayed.


    PS: Still thinking
  3. So much for "We support the troops, we just oppose the war."

    Conservatives are constantly called upon by the media to renounce extreme right wing groups, yet you will NEVER see mention of this type of outrage in the the dominant media nor will John Kerry ever be asked to comment on it or denounce it.

    The fact is that most of Kerry's supporters probably agree or don't disagree all that much with those comments. If they can't tell the difference between the President and Hitler, I suppose they can't distinguish an American hero from a "Baby killer." Certainly John kerry couldn't, back in his Hanoi John days, when he slandered troops still under fire as war criminals and baby killers.
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    That is what democracy, civil liberties and free speech are all about, and they need to be defended against every attack, attacks that unfortunately are becoming the norm in todays repressed America, where spin, lies and deceit emanating from Washington are the norm, not the exception.

    You may disagree with what somebody else says, but everyone gets their say. Who, after all, is to judge what is good and what is wrong? That is the stuff of dictatorships, not free societies.

    The latter, in other words, being the stuff Bush and gang desperately hate and fear.

  5. I understand what you're saying, but I think you're setting the standard a bit low. Soros and his crowd are free to support whomever they want, but they have to accept some responsibility for the results. If a Republican supported David Duke's website, you can bet the media would be all over him. Basically, we all support freedom of speech and the press, but there is a line you don't cross if you want to be regarded as responsible and not a nutcase. This stuff is way over that line.
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    I'm not yet sure I agree with you (actually, on most everything you've said here I agree with you)...the only thing I'm pondering is the criticism of the 'support mechanism' (Soros, etc).

    I'm not interested in discussing or debating the partisan side of this (though I agree with your Duke example) because as a "non-party" individual I find it ridiculous to point fingers party to party endlessly.

    I'm just thinking that if I support free speech I may have to support (only philosophically of course, not financially) the mechanisms that enable it.

    Still thinking.