Soros in Chicago

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  1. Have you seen George Soros' remarks last night at the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations last night? You can get a pretty good taste of his speech from this Chicago Sun-Times report on his appearance at the University of Chicago earlier in the day.

    What I can say about the speech is this: it took place at a huge ballroom at the Fairmont Hotel. The Council had set up to accommodate 1,500 people and by the time Soros took the podium they had run out of seats. It was the largest turnout for a CCFR event in more than 2 1/2 years - and that includes the panel discussions held in the aftermath of September 11.
    During Soros' remarks, which lasted about 40 minutes, the crowd broke out into spontaneous applause every time he mentioned the necessity of defeating George Bush at the polls in November - about four times in all if I remember correctly.

    Of course Soros was preaching to the choir last night, but the sentiment in the room was unmistakable: these people believe with every fiber of their body that the fate of the country and the world hangs on the result of the upcoming election.

    That's a powerful motivation that I have yet to see materialize from the other side of the aisle, though I suspect it will as we move closer to November.
  2. So Soros was able to round up a room full of people in Chicago who hate Bush? BFD.

    As George Will once observed, the fervency with which an opinion is held has nothing to do with its accuracy.
  3. Kind of reminds you of the fervent need to attack Iraq and stop the imminent danger of all those WMD.

  4. but do you remember 2000 - then popular vote was not for Bush and this time around the neo-cons won't be able to con the american public TWICE. I will love Soros for what he is doing forever. He is MY HERO!
  5. Cutten


    Did anyone ask him how low the dollar is going? :D
  6. You are "furtherest from being a liberal," yet you want to elect a hardcore liberal who will raise taxes and turn over US security to the UN? What were they serving at that meeting, Koolaid?
  7. No, the US security would be served if the Wolfowitz kind of neo-con gangster would stop meddling in world affairs, support terrorists (like they supported Osama and Saddam Hussein at one point)
    You have selective memory and very bad logic and reasoning.
    Bush will grind us to the ground like he ground 3 texas oil companies one baseball team and the state of texas education system. Soros and millions of sane thinking people KNOW this - where were you? Anyone is better than him. I rather vote for
    Sharpton than the Shrub.
  8. The shrub. LOL