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  2. Sorry for the derail...Actually I agree with his RE statement. I think a spending slowdown has happened from spring to summer and my guess is that its from 1) softening of the RE market (flat prices, increased inventory), 2) higher gas prices. RE speculation is rampant where I live, bottom-rung wage earners with interest only loans hoping to flip.

    I think if pump prices plumet (unlikely), we'd see strengthing of consumer spending and, a little later, housing.
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  3. in some markets that are nuts, yes anyone can be correct to say include all regions together in one fatalistic soros comment who hate s bush with all his pathetic heart is dumb....houston is spreading in ever y direction.......each couple even the ones with a lisp both are hot.....very hot....liberal media would have u slitting ur own throat, as the earth soon will burn out as global warming melts it.......lying al gore and the liberal baby killers have their god in soros/hillary/and the other freakshow party is becoming a demonic beast no longer for the working people, but for the Bible haters.......the Christian haters.......killing babies and promoting gay marriage has given us a choice........they have finally arrived where the devil led Democrat is sinful and anti-Christian........
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  4. :p

    That's really, histarically funny. Must be the Kool-aid. Got any left?
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  5. :D

    I'm sure this summer is a heady experience for him, to finally be out of high school and of legal voting age...
    Hopefully he's take a logic class at his local community college or something.
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  6. That was original.
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    History tends to repeat itself again and again...

    One more rate cut (next month) and the Jackass' mentioned above will try their hand again...

    (My apologies if this is incongruous with the current dialogue.)

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