Soros and CME exec called to testify on energy manipulation

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  1. I am sure Soros finds a way to plug his new book in the interviews he gives after the hearing.
  2. George Soros is a piece of shit.
  3. Soros knows a thing or two about manipulating markets, having done it before and maybe still doing so.
  4. soros is a genius.
  5. Anyone that can average 20+% per year over 20 years+ on millions of dollars deserves a lot of respect.

    A truly great trader.
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    Why do you say that?
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    Don't forget the billions he poured into countries behind the Iron Curtain (and S Africa) during the Cold War & Apartheid Era. Lots of people are alive, free, and avoided jail & torture, thanks to George Soros' financial donations and smart philanthropy during the 70s and 80s.

    He can rant stupidly about politics all he likes, because he actually did something useful to help lots of regular people in a tight spot - unlike anyone on this board, 99% of politicians, or any of his hedge fund or business peers. 1 Soros is worth 1000 Bill Gates or Warren Buffets, in terms of effective philanthropy.

    Compare this to some ETer who probably doesn't even make enough trading profit to pay top-rate tax, and has never had any positive influence on their local neighbourhood, let alone the world stage. Comparisons between dung beetles and elephants come to mind...

    P.S. while he traded actively, his record was 35-40%, net of fees.
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