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  1. Okay, I am disappointed. I know the fade to black was supposed to leave us forming our own opinions, but come on. The most hyped series finale sice Seinfeld was a major let down. Or am I missing something?
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    We deserved much more after following these characters since 1999.

    The Finale was symptomatic of not wanting to take a stand one way or another. They didn't have the balls to end things definitively and the last episode should have been at least 2 hours and far more carefully and conscientiously crafted. It looked like they just wanted to get it over with and rushed through it without a great deal of thought.

    For an example of how you end a series take a look at how the Inspector Morse series ended, now that is class and the proper way to put a character to bed once and for all.
  3. I thought it was the greatest ending in all of television history.

    The last 10 minutes had millions on the edge of their seats tring to predict what would happen. Everyone thought something was terribly wrong at the very end. That's brilliance. We all saw how it ended, yet everyone has a different prespective.

    The issue is still being debated if Tony's dead or alive.
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    I know that the point of it was probably to make us think for ourselves, stew and wonder etc etc. But damn it, thats what I trade for. I watch TV to be spoonfed like an idiot and not have to think!
  5. This is what happened:

    The guy who walked in by himself looking suspicious, then sat at the counter and kept looking in their direction, and then was last seen walking into the back toward what appeared to be the restroom.....he did a Michael Corleone, emerged with an Uzi, and blasted the Soprano clan to smithereens.

    Or not....
  6. ...Or he just needed to take a shit.

    Why would he emerge from the restroom and kill Soprano when he could've just killed Soprano and walked out.

    Also, has anyone been following the white shoes theory?
  7. I don't have the channel but I sure loved this from the paper:

    In last night’s episode Meadow Soprano, trying to explain to her father why she wants to be a civil rights lawyer, said earnestly, “The state can crush the individual.” Tony replied, “New Jersey?”

  8. Look at the credits. Note the last name of the guy at the bar. His name was Leotardo. Perhaps there's a connection.
  9. Because, as you said, he had to take a shit.

    So he went and took his shit, and then, pounds lighter, came out and blew Tony to all hell.:)
  10. I agree, the best ending I've ever seen.

    It's great even for high schools and colleges, people will be debating this for years to come.

    Personally, I don't think Tony got hit. I think the viewer got whacked and I know a lot of people thing thats stupid. But in the meeting they said the war was over and regarding Phil they said, "You do what you gotta do." Meaning the war is over, but they can take out Phil and they won't react.

    Also as a viewer, we would have heard the shots if Tony was hit. Because for the last 7 years we have been watching Tony, it went silent for us, we didn't hear the last shot.
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