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    I had been a frequent trader/investor more than a decade ago and am just now sort of getting back into things for my own personal retirement.

    I will be trading/investing in several independent strategies selected to be relatively uncorrelated with each other.

    I am looking for a decent software package which will help me track each strategy separately for performance, as well as track a master portfolio which is comprised of the component strategies.

    For example,

    1) trend equity
    2) market neutral long/short
    3) long volatility option strategies
    4) basic buy and hold of diverse asset classes
    5) selected leveraged futures trades

    All trading will be long term (monthly), no day or swing trading.

    I'd like to be able to get graphs and reports with performance metrics for each strategy separately, as well as be able to overlay all the strategies onto a single graph.

    I'd like Annualized return, Annualized volatility, Max DrawDown, %positive months, sharpe ratio, Ulcer ratio, annual turnover, underwater graphs, etc. for each strategy. I'd like to be able to compute correlation to various benchmarks I specify. I'd like to track expenses involved in trading (eg. commissions).

    If I can use the software to automate the above, even better. I was also an experienced programmer so am not shy in that regard if necessary, but would rather buy something turnkey, ready to use. I will also be using multiple brokers, so if automation is possible, it would need to replicate the order for each broker. (don't want my retirement nest egg sitting all with a single broker).

    Has anyone heard of some decent software package which might do this, or at least part of this, that is current and still being developed (don't want something which is dying out) and reliable?

    Does such software even exist anymore, or does everyone now develop their own software for this?

    Obviously I am quite willing to pay a reasonable price - I'm not looking for free software.

    I am not an advisor nor a hedge fund. Just a private Joe doing this for myself who knows a bit about trading/investing and would like some fairly comprehensive software package to help me track, monitor and report on it all.

    Thanks very much in advance for any help you might offer!
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    RealTest will do some of that for you, at least the backtesting/signal generation part. Not sure about options support though.

    RealTest does have order output capabilities, but I'm not sure it can split orders between brokers. They have an active forum and are developing new features quite often, so you can always ask. Or just code up something simple to do this for you - doing it in Python would be easy.

    You'll need to add a separate portfolio manager with your actual executed trades too - this isn't quite the tool for the job. I use Excel.
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    thanks ZBZB and jharmon, I appreciate you both taking the time to respond. Both portfolio123 and RealTest look great for backtesting and developing a system, but I already have my systems, don't need any more backtesting - for now (but I will keep these in mind for the future).

    I just want to track and monitor their performance going forward.

    So what I am looking for is some software which can help me keep the trades for each strategy organized, and do a good job of tracking/reporting/graphing the actual performance of each of the individual strategies as I trade them going forward.

    I had used fundmanager in the past, it more or less did the basic job, but felt it was lacking in some of the more advanced trading analysis graphs (like the stuff RealTest shows, for example). It also had no real automation capabilities so I would have to manually monitor for my signals and manually place the trades. I trade long term so the work is monthly, not the end of the world, but looking ideally for something with a bit of automation capability also, to reduce my work load. It becomes a pain to enter my trade in broker #1, then copy it into the appropriate subportfolio in fundmanager, then enter another trade into broker #2, then copy that into fund manger... you get the idea.

    Many of the brokers have their own automation languages, but they only work with that brokerage, and their graphing and reporting/analysis features suck, are too basic. They also don't have really good ways of dealing with separate reporting on multiple strategies.

    What do people on this forum use to execute, manage and report on your own trading strategies - for those who trade multiple strategies within a broader portfolio?
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    Morningstar will do that for you, lot of package software will do it, ranging from free to 15K USD per year

    the only question is your budget, below $1000 or above $10,000 in annual software fees
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    below $1,000 in annual software fees.
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    Just use Interactive Brokers. You will be in good hands.
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    RedDuke, thanks for replying.

    I do use IB, they are one of my brokers. But they have no way to report and graph performance on multiple strategies separately within the same account. There is no way to view the graphs of each strategy all together, overlayed on a single chart.

    I also use TDAmeritrade. They don't either.

    So unfortunately am still looking.
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    I'm also doing a very similar search.

    I'm developing a trading algorithm which I plan to run on Alpaca Markets ("Commission-Free API First Broker").

    One of the problems I'm facing is that I would like to be able to run multiple strategies in a single account (more efficient for margin requirements, short borrow fees, etc.), but Alpaca doesn't provide great support for that.

    On their discussion forum, I found a portfolio management application called Feather Finance. I've been using them on my paper account for the last couple days, and I like what I'm seeing so far.
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    Brokerage account are simple holdings accounting, doing performance reports using different account ledger need something more sophisticated,

    those software are expensive and usually for investment advisor running different strategies and clients accounts

    for an individual, you can find some "basic" accounting software doing "stock" holdings, but it's very simplistic

    try Excel, and do reports

    if you have a real budget for proprietary development like $1000, you can have someone do something in Access, let me know if you need some contact info with someone with portfolio management skills that can do Access reports
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