Soon your life and the lives of your loved ones will depend upon. . .

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    . . . people who orchestrated this:

    SPOKANE, Wash. – A criminally insane killer who escaped during a mental hospital field trip to a county fair remained on the run Friday, and furious residents and officials wondered why such a dangerous person was out in public.

    Won't it be just great when the government runs health care too?
  2. You're not very bright, are you..
  3. He probably just got a job at the faire as a carnie. That would've made him blend right in! :D
  4. Maybe he'll get hired by the Health Care Insurance Industry; they need more predators.
  5. No real comparison here as you have people escaping from privately run mental homes and prisons fairly frequently.
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    If private health care companies screw up, you can switch. That's what is nice about a little thing some of us like to call "Free Market".

    But you won't be able to switch from Uncle Sam's Socialist Medicine no matter how bad it gets unless you flee the country. Or die, which will soon be a real possibility.
  7. You can switch doctors or consultants here in the UK if your not satisfied. Anyways you and I will be a long time buried before there is ever a real "Free Market" economy in the US. I was once nearly tempted to go Stateside to fish but when I worked out tax and health insurance I was about £4000 worse off not including travel. Hey if it works for you guys fine but no way was I paying the same rate as a movie stuntman.
  8. Insurance corps run the health care business...that is not a "free" market...

    Why oh why do the klannish love the corporations of America who consistently abuse the people of America...

  9. You don't want 0bama's health care plan? Oh yeah, well you're racist.

    You didn't want Bill Clinton's health care plan? Oh yeah, well, um, uh, oh yeah, well you're stupid.
  10. Insurance corps are the Mom, the trial lawyers are the Daddy.
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