Soon the grocery store will only be for top traders...

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Port1385, May 28, 2008.

  1. Wow! $84 for 5 plastic bags of groceries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. wave


    Yep, I remember when not too lng ago those same five bags cost $40.00.
  3. Hey, assuming to the US government, inflation is benign.

    Of course, they assume Americans don't eat or drive.
  4. ElCubano


    eat less, shop wiser and try to eat everything in your fridge without it spoiling.....peace
  5. Dude thats just UnAmerican !
    :D :cool:

  6. ElCubano


    you aint lying homey.....only in america does one throw away milk the day before it expires... :D
  7. wave


    LOL, I've got neighbors who find it too inconvenient to recycle and they also don't eat leftovers. Talk about spoiled brats.

    I hope crude oil goes to 500! The only way to change their behavior is to make it hurt enough for them to now be bothered.

    So many self-centered, I can't be bothered with that types in this society. Stick em' where it hurts and you will see how they will change. Send Crude to 500 and food prices soaring.
  8. clacy


    Umm, why would you want to send oil and food prices soring? Do you think that would only hurt middle income Americans? Do you think there would be some poor people in the US and other countries that would get hurt along the way?

    F*cking morons on ET!
  9. wave


    In reality it's the only way. The poor will be taken care of by the goverment, the rich ain't too worried, maybe they cut back their standards a bit, if any and well the middle class will be wiped out as it already has begun.
  10. wave


    I tell you we are going heading for a depression. The S&P will see 1200 and under this year.
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