Soon size will be my issue

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by Ribs, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Ribs


    so far I traded for myself, 9 contracts or so for YM, 30 on ES or more, however soon I will manage friends and family money for free.
    I had to come up with a greater length lower signal strategy to accommodate for size, ES will still be fairly easy, but YM is not liquid enough and will be interesting.

    I don't have a question per se, I am wondering if there are more people with these experiences
    When you switched to greater length strategy did your performance suffer? Mine is about to.
  2. kxvid


    It you run into fill problems with the ES you've officially made it. You are defiantly pushing it with the YM, how are the fills trading 9 contracts?
    Do you trade the NQ? I like the NQ since it trades like the YM, yet is much more liquid. I don't trade big size but I hear on the NQ 50 - 100 sizes fill very quickly.
    edit: NQ fills according to this article
    "NQ futures have more than enough liquidity for any retail trader. With 300k to 500k contracts traded per day, blocks of 50 to 100+ contracts clear constantly with nil or no slippage on the fills."
  3. Ribs


    you give up a point sometimes two with YM so it isn't so bad depends on action second to second basis, 3 points would be pushing it, and unacceptable. All my orders are market, that is my philosophy.

    If and when ES becomes a problem, I'll have no choice but to diversify into FX. One thing is for sure, more more work :( :D
  4. Ribs


    screw it I lied

    its me cold, apak, the resident psycho

    PS: I happen to be able to trade too :p :p