Soon MAN will be a GOD! HA!

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  1. stu


    I can see, touch, hear, smell, comprehend (somewhat!) and from that , rationalize into reality my computer and its software.....

    no one has yet, EVER, done ANY ONE of those things with God thingy in the same simple and honest way.
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  2. stu,

    it is "within" man's ability to erradicate most suffering. i believe that science will accomplish this several lifetimes from now, in addition--we can look forward to substantially extending our lifespan via research and science.

    i bet you are surprised to hear this from a "believer" in god. i see no inconsistency--man was made in god's image and we are just starting to develop this trait.


    surfer :)
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  3. In due time we shall all have immortality!

    But we won't live to see that surf. and that sucks! :(
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  4. The article states:

    “Unlike any other technology invented by humans, creating artificial life will be as jarring to our concepts of ourselves as discovering living creatures on other planets in the universe would be. It also would bring into sharper focus the age-old questions of "What is life?" and "Where do we come from?"”

    lmao. Believe it or not, I completely agree with this.

    I believe the advances in this area are going to cast serious doubt on the idea of materialism being responsible for the Origin of Life.

    These developments are going to completely backfire the preconceived notions put out on this thread Attempts to make artificial life, artificial AI, etc. is going to prove to be INCREDIBLY complex. If it’s achieved, it will take a team of scientists in the most sophisticated laboratories on the planet.

    If they do achieve some of these goals, they are going to end up with hundreds of thousands of interconnected, highly sophisticated systems.

    And this will finally show once and for all how ridiculously unlikely it is that such biological systems could have occurred by chance in some prebiotic soup.
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  5. If it’s achieved, it will take a team of scientists in the most sophisticated laboratories on the planet.

    Its pretty hard to imagine there not being a plan or design to create being used by these scientists. I don't think it will come together spontaneously.

    I keep looking into my garbage can just expecting some new life form to appear from that "soup". :D At least that seems to be the advice in these threads.
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  6. stu


    It is NOT within nor "within" - man's, women's or humankind's ability to eradicate MOST suffering. There are many extant forms of suffering from many different causes.

    That you believe science will accomplish this ability "within several lifetimes" is patronizing to say the least. What about the billions of people who have suffered and who will suffer until people via science and not via God thingy, learn the ability !! Do you simply discount them.??

    I am glad "we" can look forward. Many people have not been afforded that choice.

    no offence surf,
    Stu :)
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  7. They



    Ok, let me see if I am clear on this, you accept that both matter and life exist and are distinct. I assume you hypothesize that matter under certain situations becomes life. (Jump in if I am building another straw man) If this be the case, as I said before, objectively demonstrate it! Otherwise be open-minded to the theory of a cause of all causes having personality. (Note: not the under-developed theory of Gilbert the Sky Daddy)

    The body of man was/is made from dust. I think modern science basically agrees with this statement. If some beginning religious student believes otherwise, influenced by their ignorance or the cheating propensity of a businessman in the guise of a priest/pastor (the businessification of religion - see also; the STUification of open minded scientific inquiry) then that would have to come under the un-bonafide category. I am sorry that you have also misunderstood the "dust" passage. Don’t feel bad, it often happens to the conceptually impaired.

    The He and His usage in relation to the Absolute is in regard to “Him” being a person. Oh yea, the "She" aspect is contained within the Absolute. Oops, forgive me. I used the "A" word again.

    I ask again…. So whose "baseless faith" is that?? Is it yours? Whose baseless faith is it that demands a sky daddy created life from dust ?

    Again, dust never becomes life. It is modern science that is asking you to have this baseless faith, and perhaps your sky daddy Gilbert and a few intelligent design theory Christians.

    Correct me if I am wrong but what you probably meant to ask in your “straight forward question” is, who/what do I think is the source of both matter and life or what is the source of all energies within our universe (and others)?

    I think you already know my answer – The Supreme Personality of Godhead, the prime causal.

    We both hold matter and life to be distinct. (Unless I have created a straw man again) My theory holds that they are always/eternally/ABSOLUTELY distinct and your theory is that they become distinct

    My theory rests on the platform of absoluteness, which you do not accept and cannot be experienced through the field of matter (gross or subtle) and thus passed through the litmus test of your senses and is therefore not scientific in your understanding.

    Being that you do not like to accept any theory (or word) that cannot be demonstrated through the realm of your limited senses, I was wondering your view on quantum theory or string theory. Are they the transitory speculations of simplistic sky fairy contemplating pseudo-scientists or are have you violated your own sense perception criteria in the contemplation of them?

    Ok, for a moment, forget about your hang-up of there being a primal cause to the infinitude of universes and their contents or the possibility that something exists beyond the realm of your senses.

    I simply would like to see an objective demonstration of your cherished life generating from, and becoming distinct from, matter theory. (It does not have to be your beloved Dr. Frankenstein creating a human; a gnat, fruit fly or worm would suffice.

    On the other hand, you seem to want a demonstration that life is not a product of matter but at the same time you accept life to be distinct from matter. Hmm…….. How about DEATH? The material particled(will a noun becoming a verb clear STU’s tangent spinning grammar police?) bodily form remains but the life particle is no longer present.

    Don’t worry you will get your demonstration soon enough. In the meantime while you wait for your personal demonstration maybe you will get lucky and have one of those near death, out of body experiences. From what I have hear those seem to happen to people who are having problems conceptualizing anything existing beyond the realm of their sense perception.

    Anyway, I look forward to your new book “The Universe According To My Sense Perception” I heard it was going to be a bestseller amongst the world’s intellectuals and the people of Missouri.
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  8. "We" as a race have the ability to eradicate all suffering.God has given "us" all we need to do this.But because "we" don't use the God given abilities it makes it easier to blame God than to do something about it.
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  9. Let's just hope like hell that God isn't using Microsoft products. Then again...that could explain a lot.

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  10. On the other hand, it seems more likely that overpopulation and competition for resources, along with increasing religious whackiness will just lead to more holocausts.

    The optimist says 'this is the best of all possible worlds'...the pessimist says 'I'm afraid you're right'.

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