Soon MAN will be a GOD! HA!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LongShot, Mar 31, 2004.

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    1. Where is Gilbert mentioned in that link.. eh??

    2. Have you got rid of your God syndrome...

    3. Grow up
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    Coors beer
    Earthquake, natural disaster..
    Congenital disease, physical and mental deformity and malfunction.

    Coors beer, ok I'll concede... plenty people are to blame for bringing that shite into the world.

    But let me guess... its ALL the fault of humankind....

    Earthquakes, because people put oil rigs in the wrong place and break open God's earth.

    Disease, because people do something wrong which has to be punished by God.

    p.s ...what would you suggest people should TradeforChrist. Their integrity ??
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  4. Disease is something mankind permits to exist.God gave man(and woman the ability to eradicate all suffering,but we choose not to.I trade for Christ as I do all things for Christ.After all he gave his life for my sins,it's the least I can do.
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  5. Live it up baby and sin away, cuz Jesus got your back!
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  6. While I dont agree with you I fight for your right to say stupid things!

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  7. While I don't know why you think what I say is stupid,I still thank you for being honest.
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    Disease IS something mankind PERMITS.??
    The present tense ??
    Please explain in what way mankind permits disease.

    When did this happen?

    When were we? offered the ability to eradicate all suffering.
    When did we !! choose not to ??
    We !! chose not to, did we !!?
    When did we !! do that ?

    Why do you use the word “we” ??
    Do you even realize you are using the pronoun we as a collective noun and what that does to the meaning of your sentence ??

    I have NOT been offered the chance to eradicate all suffering. Have you?

    So therefore can I take it that you would choose to eradicate suffering given the ability, or the choice of doing so.
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  9. But for someone to say that scientists creating life is similar to playing god -- that is not much different from someone installing Windows XP on their machine and calling themselves a programmer.
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    Nope its more like someone turning on their computer and calling themselves a programmer......
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