Soon MAN will be a GOD! HA!

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  1. ElCubano


    But how about if they decide to make lots of You and Gekko...thats where the problem arises...:D

    Just kidding guys...but no really, it is a scary thought
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  2. True, but maybe he will have a better chance of cleaning up a few the messes "god" has made and not bothered to attend to.
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  3. Soon EVERYONE will be an Atheist and the World will rejoice in new found freedom and joy!

    I cant wait!!

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  4. They


    The blind believing of Dr. Frankenstein's faithful

    The only fairy tale here is that modern science will be able to transform matter into life

    Life is fundamentally different than any material or combination of material particles. Deal with it!
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  5. (1) Who the heck is "Science"?

    (2) Not very bright for a "trader" to "believe" in pie in the sky stuff.

    (3) Man tried already a couple of times to play god - not something to write home about.
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  6. stu


    Frankenstein..old stuff, but you still haven't dealt with this....

    Just how is life fundamentally different ????. Apparently it is not.
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  7. They


    You are right in use the term "old stuff" in relation to your denial of their being distinctions between animate/inanimate, life/matter, etc.

    I am not a Bible scholar. That said, I don't think you will find an accurate translation of any bonafide religious scripture that states dust/matter is life or the source of life. They will all state that dust/matter simply makes up a body or vehicle for the soul.

    Don't get me wrong, the sky daddy you refer to could convert material energy into spiritual energy if that was His will. After all He is the sky fairy as well as the water fairy, earth fairy, fire fairy ether fairy molecule fairy, atom fairy, pentaquark fairy and spirit/life fairy. However, in the current age and universe in which we live the two energies are distinct in their respective natures. I know its difficult for you at this time to contemplate but I have seen you making roundabout progress in your conceptualizing of Gilbert.

    Hey, I am all for giving credit where credit is due, so I commend you for opening your mind through philosophical contemplation even if it be in jest.

    Organ transplant and blood transfusions have nothing to do with creating life from inert matter if they did your atheistic brethren could just make a few slices and hook up some hoses to a dead body and it would become animated/alive. When they are able to do it (and I wont be holding my breath) I have the perfect paper for the scientific journals and press release for the news wires - Its alive... Its ALIVE.. ITS ALIVE!!!!

    Objective and repeatable demonstration Stu, I am waiting. We are all waiting, including you.

    Hmm... what is the oldest medical science known to man? Is it from the Eastern religious traditions?

    Work of the devil? You need to get out more or at least give up your christian-centric view of knowledge, history and the universe.

    Scientific research in to the nature of matter and spirit/life can be done hand in hand the way it was before the businessification of Christianity. Again open your "scientific" mind.

    Back to"'old stuff", I know that at this point in your embodiment you are unable to comprehend the meaning of the word absolute but it might help to think of it in terms of being the antonym of the word temporary.
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  8. What messes are you referring to?
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  10. stu


    You start off by asserting that I deny distinctions between animate/inanimate,
    life/matter, etc.
    . So where do you get that from? Create yourself a false accusation then argue against it. The theistics' irresistible attraction to strawman argument.

    Do you set up that and other unfounded assertions in order to concoct presumptions to infer for instance that believers are good... non believers are bad.? The theists' own perpetuation of a stereotypical mindset, relying heavily on creating false assertion. An uneffective and rather shitty method for establishing any credibility.

    You say you are not a bible scholar. You say: I don't think you will find an accurate translation of any bonafide religious scripture that states dust/matter is life or the source of life.

    I empathize on the first part, the bible is useless as a reliable document as All Translation of it, is anything anyone wants it to be.

    BUT...Are you stating because of the translation problem, the bible is not bona fide religious scripture??!! Really ??

    Yet this NOT bona fide religious scripture states in its first chapter.. man was made from dust.

    You refer to a "He" and "His" , as if by magic you intend to conjure up a mystical revelation of a God thingy

    Yet this now NOT bona fide religious scripture is the ONLY place where this "He" entity is formally chronicled, the ONLY source for knowledge of "Him" is the bible !! (unless of course you just believe someone else’s hearsay) So what use christianity, based on NON bona fide religious scripture ?! (I will resist the tempation to answer my own question :D)

    Your "he" and your "him" and your "his" it seems are not bona fide. Then they should be demoted from proper nouns to common nouns. Anyway, how do you know God ain't woman. The bible (from your statement it seems) is (A) translated incorrectly (B) NOT a bona fide religious scripture.
    So God is woman and doesn't exist. Ok?

    You said: The only "old stuff" here is the baseless faith that one day there will be a Dr. Frankenstein who will create life from mud/matter or money.

    You are still dodging the issue I raised. I asked you a straightforward question.

    I ask again…. So whose "baseless faith" is that?? Is it yours? Whose baseless faith is it that demands a sky daddy created life from dust ?

    Is it your response that there are water fairy, earth fairy, fire fairy ether fairy molecule fairy, atom fairy, pentaquark fairy and spirit/life fairy. ??? Are you serious !!??? The whole job is a Fairy Story??
    Is it that obvious to you?... then why didn't you fess up earlier :p

    In an effort to assist let me say there is water, earth, fire, ether. There are ..molecules, atoms, penta-quarks, Gilberts(lol)... they do not require the addition of fairies, elves or Gods for them to be known of or understood.

    I did not say organ transplant and blood transfusions have anything to do with creating life from inert matter. I said..... did They used to say blood transfusion or organ transplant was baseless faith....

    ...that was and is an assumption made by many superstitious religionists who believe it is interfering with God’s work to give blood transfusion or an organ transplant. The religious ethics police zealots were up in arms about such things. Many still are.

    Hello....You are making the same assumptions about life from "mud".

    It’s just that these days mainstream christians (if there is such a beast), realize how stupid they look when they protest in similar manner. Apparently though, they don’t see how stupid they look from believing in fairies.

    And why do you choose to misinterpret out of context as a form of argument?? Is it because you are aware there is no real substance to your contentions?

    Christianity has no relationship at all to Objective and repeatable demonstration. Demonstrations which YOU say "we" are waiting for !!
    And just what the hell are you waiting for ??

    Death ?... or a medically scientific cure for defective genes, or a hoo haa hippy yo hum chanting experience to move you out of your essence and into yet further denial?

    Kindly explain what the fuck "businessification of Christianity" is ???

    So you are not a bible scholar, yet you profess to know of "him", however apparently you are a scholar of words (businessification.. LOL) but you seem unable to differentiate between the meaning of absolute and the act of demonstrating an absolute.

    So go on then... you must know what the word means demonstrate an absolute.

    Even more of a task for you... show how absolute can be the antonym of temporary, in or out of the metaphorical sense you suggest...

    Without the use of Fairies....

    If possible. :p
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