Soon MAN will be a GOD! HA!

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  1. stu


    No apology necessary.
    No hatred on my part.

    I simply call you to acccount for unjustified statements and remarks you have made.

    You may think you are at liberty in the world , to produce statements as fact without being questioned, or brought to account, especially on subjects of strongly held principles to do with morality and humanity, however.... you ain't.

    I don't like what sounds to be deep seated prejudices which you hold, so I question the conduct you described and what I see as your bigoted religious viewpoint influencing reasonable conclusion.

    Apparently you are unable to justify your actions. So your standard response, in this and other threads, has a pattern of launching into as much accusation against others as you can muster, anything but addressing the issue.

    The report you posted is a prime example of that. Unsolicited spontaneous accusations dropped in by you against another group, when the crime is proven to belong to your christian collegues anyway.....

    and then rounding off by accusing me of a hatred for you, because you can't or won't be responsible for your own words.

    I understand you bowing out, but before you go... I would certainly disabuse you of your idea that I hold any hatred for you.

    In return I wish you best of luck too Doubter.
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