Soon it will cost $1 million to go to College

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Are education costs out of control?

  1. Yes. It cannot continue.

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  2. No. Grants, scholarsphips etc take care of the difference.

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  3. I don't know.

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  4. I don't care.

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  1. nitro


    "Just as the Obama administration unveils new measures it says will ease crushing student loan debt, the College Board is out with new figures showing the cost of college surged again this year, and student borrowing along with it...."

    Better frame that DEGREE IN GOLD!

    DAMN, to think I drop'd out of MBA school at University Of Chicago to join the "Trading World". THAT MBA WOULD HAVE BEEN WORTH 10 MILLLLLOOOOOIIIIIOOOOOOOON DOLLARS!

    What a crock of shit Nitro. I Know sooooo many Ivy league Kids and adults outa work right now, not even funny. It's a sad sad affair because "CORPORATIONS" could give a rats ass if you went to some shit school or Ivy for the most part. Sure, there are some Companies, GS, cough Cough, who turned me down for a job. They want IVY all day long...but they are the .000001% of the "CORPORATIONS out there.

    The idea of "Going to University" for a good job prospect is propaganda.....pure bull shit.
  3. Bob111


    s*** this pace-ti could be 1M pretty soon. thank you gvt for easy loans and pretty much no regulations in this field. another huge bubble created by gvt. i just curious-where would be the point,when people would say-fuck it..simply because it not worth it and it cost too much?
    looks like it's not too much as for today. price of education is completely out of whack in US(and many other countries). it's not suppose to cost this much. unless employment and salary that will allow you to recoup your expenses relatively quickly are guaranteed. stop for gvt- gvt issued credit cards and car loans..what's else is left?
  4. Crispy


    The only people who should go to college go for free. So who cares about the cost? I sure dont.
  5. college = huge scam

    shmucks bend over and say "please, be gentle"

    I tell them, gfy .
  6. college = huge scam

    shmucks bend over and say "please, be gentle"

    I tell them, gfy .

    college was the = of co location. we sell you a piece of paper, so you can outrun the guy down the street for that overpaid job.
  7. much like the housing crises, you can trace almost all of the problems with school tuition costs spiraling out of control to government subsidies and guarantees. once the government decided to give federally guaranteed loans to students, colleges realized they could charge whatever they wanted because students would still demand to go and banks would throw money at them in loans because they were already guaranteed to get their money back.

    governmental involvement distorts markets terribly. so anytime you hear about the government getting involved in another industry, you should try to become a salesman in that industry as fast as you can.
  8. pupu


    You can still get an associate degree from Devry today for less the 500,000!

    Employers will be fighting over you! Yachts and mansions!

    Act today!


  9. Crispy


  10. If the only people that went to school didn't pay, 99% of my HS class wouldn't have went. Remember, our retarded posterity is one thing sinking this ship. I went to college, not for free, but I definitiely should have gone. This won't work anyway because everything in this country is a business, not a charity.

    I don't care what college costs. If I go back, it's because I have the cash to pay for it. I will never take out a loan again especially for just a service. You can learn almost anything you want from the way anyways. I'm an RN and I taught myself finance and am learning how to program. The only thing you need school for is if you want to get into a profession that requires certification or a license.

    Why is everyone bitching about bubbles? If you know what you're doing you can make $$$ f*** everyone else. They will always occur because humans act like sheep.
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