Soon Honda Civics and Corollas will only be for the rich

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  1. I did notice the new ones that have the option for navigation and leather interior. The new corolla has the upgraded 4 cylinder.

    Oh man, which one will you choose?
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    Yea, thats what happens when technology gets cheaper, GPS systems can be bought for under $150 bucks now, just 3 years ago they were $500+.

    However I dont know about dropping over $1500-2000 for navigation and leather in a corolla, you might as well upgrade to the camry without navigation or leather for that price...
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    i cant believe the stupidity of energy policy for the last 30 years

    draconian speed limits on ALL highways 55, only to end up with an exemption in milage standards that people literally drove a truck through

    in 1998, i saw so many people driving suburbans, and it made me sick, knowing that they guaranteed that the energy shocks of the 1970s were going to come back

    blatent fuel waste with consipicuous consuption is not 'freedom', it has a huge social military liability

    as a society, we have a choice. the freedom to go whereever you want, when you want in energy resonable vehicles (it doesnt have to be a prius, it just cant be a suburban or hummer), or we can drive anything we want, but limit where and when we can go

    without reasonable conservation now, we face draconian conservation in the future

    how'd you like to have a government GPS logger in your car, and sit down and review your 'energy behavior' with a government energy counselor (or lose your energy privilages) in the future?

    think it cant happen? think again
  4. Why would you even choose an in-car navigation system anymore when you have the garmin nuvi? Its small enough to fit into a pocket and can go up right on the windshield in your line of site. Much easier to use then any in-car navi system.

    With gas prices steadily rising I cant see any other choices then honda or toyota 4 cylinder vehicles. Hmmm. lemme take a look at TM and HMC. Then again most of the vehicles I see out on the road are 4 cylinder beater vehicles over 7 years old. My guess is that most folks are buying the cheapest 4 cylinder car they can find, place no insurance on it and thats how they save for the gas.

    Short insurance? Long Honda? Long Toyota?

    I will not buy any other vehicle then a Honda Accord. No one. *No one* makes a better vehicle including Mercedes or BMW.
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    go buy a hyundai if i was forced to.
  6. I will not buy any other vehicle then a Honda Accord. No one. *No one* makes a better vehicle including Mercedes or BMW.


    Don't know about Mercedes or BMw but I test drove an Audi s8 today. I think that trumps a new Honda Accord. Of course, that is my opinon.

    Why don't you just by one of those Auto Makers who are giving you 3 year future contract on gas at 2.99.

    Of course, I rather spend my hard earn money on a fun toy.
  7. yikes, port wrong board...big time
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    How about one with the electric motor. - sg20
  9. I think you need to put this in context. I have a Honda Accord, BMW, and a Mercedes in my garage right now. If you want something that is enjoyable to drive - the BMW wins hands down. If you want a sofa on wheels and the wind in your hair - the Mercedes (a convertible) is fine. If you want something reliable for getting the groceries - the Honda fits the bill.

    I've had a range of cars before (Pontiac, Corvette, Audi, Lexus, etc) but I have found BMW the most enjoyable. To each their own.
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