Soon even the dumbest will scratch their head. Have a look at future of USA

Discussion in 'Economics' started by mikasa, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. mikasa


    how many of you read the New Health plan, seriously, how many

    yeah just continue believing that you can VOTE the problems away

    if only now US could vote another way LOL

    you people are done

    and you deserve it, TMZ and beer is your god

    well fine, have fun :cool:
  2. clacy


    Well, with an unintelligible post such as yours, I'm certain that this post will be taken very seriously.

    If you're going to call people stupid, the least you could do is use proper grammar and spelling.
  3. mikasa


    I love you man, you just proved my point. :p

    focus on spelling of some guy on ET, instead of dictatorship US will officially become :p

    you can't make this stuff up :p
  4. clacy


    How has 2010 been going for you Cold?
  5. mikasa


    do you really want an honest answer

    every single day I learn more and am getting smarter, Never enter futures market, you don't stand a chance against guys like me.

    you see, I read, and I think

    try doing that :cool:
  6. I'm sure a health care VIDEO that's marketed at the masses is the epitomy of intelligence. Funny you talk about reading the health plan and serve us a video. Uh, reading means word and stuff, it means a pdf link or something, not a youtube viral hit. (the dumber the youtube video, the more popular it seems)
  7. mikasa


    if you were that 1 % of population that use their head

    you would get the latest Medical bill and verify the information in the video

    you'd rather attack based on FEELINGS and emotions

    you'd rather look for technicalities to make yourself seem smart

    read my lips, YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING that's coming
  8. Even Alex Jones has been level headed with criticism for the Health Plan.

    He had a list of about 20 shocking things that I had no clue about that were in the proposal.
  9. mikasa


    things a very simple,

    little by little, everything you are, everything you do

    will be controlled by the big government

    and if for any reason you stick you head up and voice your concerns, you will be shut down financially and legally

    kiss goodbye democracy and capitalism

  10. mikasa


    and wanna know something truly ironic, I was growing up as a little brainwashed commie in one of those Communist Countries

    I can't believe you people are taking a step back

    you are becoming tyrannical communism, you people are losing capitalism and democracy :eek:
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