Soo many tools line up to buy an iphone...

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  1. I think its a great product but WTF is wrong with these people...

    They act like they are camping out for something that will never again be available after today. MOOOOOORons

    Get a life people.
  2. People take new gadgetry real serious these days.
  3. Steve Jobs attracts tools.

    Apple Attracts tools, always did.

    Great success is proof of large #'s of tools.
  4. There was a picture of a 25 yr. old guy in our local paper that had waited 13 hrs in line to get an iPhone. Now get this, he said, people will admire me now, because of my new iPhone.

    What kind of dork do you have to be, to think that people will admire you because of the cellphone you wear?
  5. My cell phone has no camera, no internet connection, no bluetooth.

    I only use it for a few things: an alarm, a calculator, and a couple of games for when I am taking a dump and a magazine isn't handy. It also makes phone calls.

    I didn't have to wait 13 hrs and jack off evertime an ad came out for it. I also didn't pay $600.

    But like my uncle need people that buy $600 phones to keep this economy running.
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    It's the sheeple mentality.

    These are the same people who wait in line for new restaurants or the latest movie release. Instead of just waiting a few days or weeks and walking right in without a wait.

    I swear if these poor bastards saw a line waiting to walk off a cliff. They would be pushing and shoving for a place in the line.
  8. I got one on secretary waited on line:D

    BTW,,,,very easy to use but it took almost 1/2 hour to set up through the computer....the reception is ok but the speaker phone is very weak compared to my verizon...the e-mail function is very easy and very fast...
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    Leo Laporte got a call from a guy that was reviewing the Iphone, they tested it on air and it seemed that the speaker phone was pretty good.
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