Sony Vaio Question....

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by DATTrader, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. I just bought a used VAIO laptop, one of the small ones that has a "slimdock" docking station. My question is, the AC power is on the docking station, but when the laptop is docked, the side of the docking station blocks the CATV port where I would connect it to my network/router for net access. WHat is the deal with that? I cannot be connected to my network while running on AC? What am I missing here?! My option it seems is to file down the plastic part which covers the LAN cable port. This seems crazy so I must be missing something. ANyone?
  2. On my Vaio (PCG-982) the only things that are blocked when the docking station is used are two USB ports and the DC in connection.

    The DC connection is replaced by one on the dock and the 2 blocked USB ports are replaced by 3 USB ports on the dock. The telephone port is clear and still on the laptop, and the dock adds an RJ-45 Ethernet, COM port, printer port and external monitor port. A Firewire port is also available on the side of the laptop and is not blocked.

    Don't know why any of your essential ports would be blocked.
  3. I had not even bothered to look on the back of the DS for all those ports. If it had not been 1/2 hour already I would delete this thread. Now everyone will now how stupid I really am.

  4. Not stupid, just excited about your new stuff and not taking the time to look everywhere. Just breathe and walk into the light! :)