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  1. I'm approaching some game development companies with the idea of developing a 3-D world game evironment for trading.
    It can be in simulation mode or broker linked mode.

    Initially you will see a rotating globe with the current exchanges/markets offered in different countries that your broker allows you to trade. The globe will have real time daylight-nightime cycle.

    Once you zero in on the exchange or futures product you want to trade, you enter into 3D representation of the exchange with accurate floor models and pit locations. If your trading the SP 500 you will see other players/traders that are trading that in that pit represented as 3D characters. Market depth will be represented as simulated floor brokers. So in the 3D environment you will be able to see the market represented in a more realistic form. You will be able to chat using audio with other traders.

    As more exchanges come online it will simulate the trading world in general. As a novice you will be able to practice, and then switch over to real mode when you think you have honed your skills.

    What kind of market do you think there would be for this?
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    This sort of game would sell well in Asia, but probably not in the US. There are all sorts of SIMS in Asia that sell well, but never made a good transition to the US market, for example, Truck driving simulations, surgery simulations, dating simluations, and I think there was a stock market simulation game released in Asia not too long ago too.

  4. A good portion of the american public with discretionary income, are trading in one form or another.

    I think offering a 3D representation of the market with accurate market details and realism, would break the barrier for a lot of people who are curious about the exchanges.

    Most everything that is offered in terms of financial software to the public is 2D.

    Lot of the current sports games have a exteme amount of realism to them. If that same type of realism is offered in something named like 'Pit Trader' or 'Floor Trader', then the market would be huge.

    Brokers can link up, and a 3D community of sorts is created.
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    It's an interesting idea--I think you would need to focus on the benefit to the user.

    Most people who play online sim games/MMORPGs are in it for the social rewards obtained while operating under an alter ego. Most people who trade are (ostensibly) in it for the money.

    So you have a situation where some people might be there to socialize, and they'd in all likelihood be getting in the way of guys who are serious about trading.

    Unless you have some paradigm-smashing new approach to trading that will transform trading as we know it, you'll find it difficult to attract those who treat trading as an individually-competitive career and those who either don't take trading seriously or act cooperatively (team-based trading).

    Good luck, though--if done right, what you're speaking of is essentially the next killer app for online trading.
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    Not to be a downer but I play a lot of console and computer games and this sounds like a very unfun idea. I would wait for your game to hit the $1 bin before considering buying it and I would only do so out of curiosity.

    I believe that trading does not make a good game. The only thing that would save this idea is if somehow your trading abilities were able to translate into real money. However, that's what real trading is for.
  7. the game would feature a real time broker linkup where what you do in the game translates to orders to your broker. So in the end it would have real world consequences.

    Instead of blowing your nest egg during practice sessions, you can blow it realtime with a real account.

    Each player/trader would have the colorful mesh jackets and badges. Traders/players can form groups or 'firms' they trade. Similar to guilds in WoW world of warcraft.

    News releases would also be realtime. The game would be in high definition.
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    I guess I find your suggestion too similar to simulated trading accounts that already exist. They don't have the flash of what you are talking about, but I'm not sure people are going to be drawn to your game just due to flash.
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    I think it sounds like a good idea. As a newbie I think it would be fun to learn all about exchanges and how all of the different players work. Maybe it would be fun if you could take on various roles in an online environment and compete against other people.
  10. What about price movements would it be player determined ie demand and supply or computer driven? I only say this because I doubt you would have enough people playing especially early on across all the different exchanges/products to have anything near efficent price discovery? Think the wost illiquid pits and mulitply, how much fun would that be?
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