Sony botching customer relations - going "viral" on the internet

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  1. So I purchased Pineapple Express on Blu-Ray with Digital Download, and I open it up to find that the digital download "expired" January 6, 2010. Being upset, I wrote an email to Sony Pictures asking for a more recent download code so I could get my digital copy. I received this:

    Dear XYZ,

    Thank you for your email. We appreciate your interest in Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) products.

    Bonus Digital Copies are available for select titles during a limited time after the movie has been released to stores. Unfortunately, this title's digital download is no longer available.

    On the back of the cover, the system requirements and the title’s expiration date are listed for the download.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    SPHE Consumer Affairs

    I responded with this, and I thought you all might like to see it.


    Thank you for your prompt, although somewhat patronizing response. I believe I have found my own solution to the problem though, and I didn't know whether or not you might want to share it with your other customers. Being that I primarily purchased this movie for its digital copy, I promptly returned it to the store this morning on grounds of it being a defective product, which the store manager agreed with. I then did a quick search for places where I might be able to download only a digital copy of this movie, and it turns out there are hundreds of people giving this movie away for free! I really appreciate the generosity of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment in releasing this title (and hundreds of others that I had not known about) free of charge. I was dead set on never watching a Sony Pictures film ever again, but when I realized how much you really cared about your customers, I changed my mind. I will continue to utilize your free digital copies in the future, and I will share this will all my friends! Thank you again!
    Oh, P.S., you might want to consider moving these links to the main Sony Pictures page so that they are easier to find!

    Have a great day, XYZ!
  2. MPAA cops coming to your house. Watch out.
  3. Bob111


    nice letter! sony was known for this kind of s**t. that's why i never own any of their products,except for couple speakers that i bought for like $50 couple decade for P2P - i agree with NT-too late. stay away from this s**t. here is why. take a look on my verizon account page below. they have special place for download junkies now-

  4. Just to be sure, this wasn't my letter.

    It's from some other individual and it's being passed around the internet.

    It does show, however, the hassle your in for if you insist on handing over money for software and music. You sign yourself up to get kicked in the ass repeatedly.