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  1. Does anyone have any information on Sonic Trading. Did a search but it didn't come up with much. Thanks.
  2. No information about their trading, but they make great Diet Cherry Limeades, and their onion rings are good also.
  3. I saw an ad on monster saying they are hiring and paying salary which turns to a draw after 4 months.
  4. click on software above and scroll down to the SONIC TRADE on the comes up
  5. For those of you guys who don't understand maggandre quip. Sonic is a drive in restaurant much like in "Happy Days" with the Fonz. Mostly based in the south.... that is funny !
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    if anyone has questions about sonic trading, please pm me, i will be able to answer any questions u may have
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    I hear LAVA trader is suing Sonic, is that true?
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    Sonic Financial Technologies, LLC Addresses Recent
    2003-02-07 16:04 (New York)


    NEW YORK, Feb. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Apparently,
    Lava's recent loss of market
    share to Sonic Financial Technologies, LLC ("Sonic") a
    subsidiary of Sonic
    Trading Management, LLC has driven them to desperation
    and instead of
    competing on technology, customer service and price,
    they have chosen to file
    a frivolous and meritless lawsuit.
    In addition, Lava has displayed an unprecedented
    lack of professionalism
    by transmitting the press release directly to many of
    our clientele PRIOR to
    Sonic even being served.
    Although the high degree of attention Lava is
    paying to Sonic's progress
    is in some ways, a testament to our success, we are
    looking forward to
    challenging the validity of this patent. Lastly, we
    at Sonic appreciate the
    overwhelming industry support that we have received.

    Sonic Financial Technologies, LLC is a leading
    trading technology provider
    servicing the equity trading and investment sectors.
    Sonic strives to provide
    utility like execution service that's both reliable
    and cost effective. Sonic
    provides direct access to every ECN, SuperMontage and
    the NYSE in a completely
    agnostic environment. We offer our trading clients
    flexible and scalable
    technology, which includes customizable order routing
    to adapt to the
    ever-changing definitions of best execution, as well
    as features to handle
    block orders with minimal market impact. Sonic's
    technology provides a
    complement to the valuable research and advisory
    services provided by sell
    side firms, as well as lower execution costs and
    heightened service quality to
    institutional buy side firms. Summarily, Sonic allows
    for a more feature-
    rich, customizable application at the most competitive
    pricing levels
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    Whats funny is how stupid you are for not realizing that Sonic trading is a real prop trading firm. They are on Wall Street and I have been there for an interview like a year and a half ago.

    Shortly after interviewing me and some other people they had a whole management change and a hiring freeze
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