"Songbird" McCain Gets SwiftBoated

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  1. VC's nickname for McCain was 'Songbird'


    Next up - McCain, Keating 5, and the S & L Crisis.

    You Chicago boys that pushed Obama on the nation better hope your boy is clean.
  2. The left didn't believe a large group of decorated swift boat commanders that served with Kerry.

    Who do they believe?

    The VC!

    This is worth a few laughs.
  3. hughb


    Not even going to watch it. McCain refused parole knowing it would mean more torture for him. He's no weakling.
  4. I'm sure McCain's campaign is desperately hoping the Obama campaign tries this approach. Of course left wing democrats can't tell the difference between a hero and a self-promoter like Kerry who put himself up for medals for scratches, then came home and joined Jane Fonda in backstabbing troops still under fire, or like McCain, in POW camps.

    Obama's campaign is beginning to flail a bit. He's on every side of every issue, and the list of things the media is not supposed to talk about grows longer every day.

    McCain needs to start running ads to clarify where Obama stands. Obama's basic platform is surrender to al qaeda, raise taxes on working people, raise the cost of all forms of energy, promote government-funded abortion on demand, cater to muslim pressure groups, open borders, gun control and slavery reparations.
  5. Why are you embarrassing yourself?

    "...New York Times disclosed connections between the anti-Kerry vets and the Bush family, Rove and several high-ranking Texas Republicans. Some of the recent accounts from veterans critical of Kerry have been contradicted by their own earlier statements, the Times reported."


    Here you go:


    The soldiers who were actually there supported Kerry and characterized him as a hero.

    You're quite the "patriot," aren't you? Willing to lie to yourself and others for the "greater good."
  6. hughb


    neither McCain nor Kerry deserve to have their military service disparaged. This crap comes up every presidential election.
  7. I don't think anyone disparaged Kerry's service, even though he clearly played the system to his advantage. People who served with him bitterly resented him painting himself in what they considered a false light however. They also resented a guy who had betrayed them to further his political ambitions implying that they all deeply admired him. In fact, they despised him.

    If anyone who served with John McCain has anything derogatory to say about his service, I think it is fair game, provided they are credible. In fact, people who were in the POW prison with him said he was a hero, people like Admiral Stockdale.

    What is not acceptable is someone who didn't serve with him making cracks about him getting shot down, as if it is something to be ashamed of.
  8. Obama is still better then mccain

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  9. There is no real difference. They play for the same team.

    Why do you people, who supposedely see all the problems & corruption & fallacy of the US political system continue to validate them by paying attention to these professional liars.
  10. I agree they all lie,but i think McCain is past the point of lieing and is now just so fucking old and senile that he cant remember what he said or what events took place the day before.
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