SONC Sonic Buy Right now at $7.84

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  1. Summer is here once again and what should you buy? Well, every time I passed this burger place on the highway it was always so full that they had to hire a few local cops for traffic control. Honestly, I saw no point in waiting in line to grab a burger from this place. Its just a burger like any other burger, but for some reason this establishment was overly crowded throughout the summer of 2009 during a recession and a time when people were losing their jobs.

    I think SONC is a buy RIGHT NOW. Im buying some at the open on Monday. Price closed on Friday at $7.84.
  2. Restaurant and theme stocks tend to suffer in bear markets. Do customers get a small tablet of Lipitor with each food order? :confused:
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    I have seen their commercials but have never seen an actual location of one these sonics you speak about. Anyway its not a place I would eat at anyway, I rarely eat that fast food garbage, maybe once a year.
  4. Amazing analysis!
  5. There is a location on RT 17 in Bergen County NJ that opened over the past year. The fast food restaurant has local police to direct the traffic as it does get so crowded it is ridiculous to even think of trying to enter the place to get a burger. It looks as if you eat outside in your vehicle. Is this some kind of a 50's theme where the staff brings the food to your car ?
    The location was busy last summer and is probably a fad in the area that will most likely quiet down.
    I remember many years ago place called Stewart's that looked similar.
  6. This is my exact experience with this company. Every Sonic restaurant I have seen is so crowded where they have outside security guards or police come in to direct traffic.

    I cannot relate with the people who go to Sonic. I personally would not wait in a line for an hour to get myself a greasy burger, however, there are others that will.
  7. I drove past one in Reno yesterday and there was three cars in the drive-thru lane at 11:30 am and a few people scattered outside. The drive-up was less than half full. Who's to argue with RDT's awesome calls.
  8. Three cars in the drive-thru sounds crowded for Reno (no offense to the good citizens of Reno).

  9. If it keeps going like this, I may just wait in line for a burger. Come on lets go!
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