son of Michael Behe, the creator of "intelligent design theory", turns atheist.

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  1. interesting look at his path from indoctrination as a devout catholic to becoming a freethinker:

    The Humanist: How long was this transformation, and why didn't your father's ideas (or others) about intelligent design demonstrate proof of a "designer" or creator?
    Behe: The journey from very devout Catholic to outspoken atheist took about six months total. Once my trust in the Bible was shaken, I still believed strongly in a theistic god, but I realized that I hadn't sufficiently examined my beliefs. Over the next several months, my certainty of a sentient, omnipotent and omnibenevolent deity faded steadily. I believe that the loss of a specific creed was the tipping point for me. After I lost the element of trust--be it trust in the Bible, trust in a church, or trust in the Pope--I had no choice but to vindicate my own beliefs through research, literature, and countless hours of deep thought. It was then that my belief in any sort of God faded away gradually, and to this day I continue to find more and more convincing evidence against any sort of design or supernatural interference in the universe. As for the arguments from design, such as irreducible complexity or the so-called fine-tuning of the six cosmological constants, I have many reasons for dismissing them each in particular, but one overarching reason would be the common refutation of William Paley's classic watchmaker argument--the only reason that complex objects appear to be designed is because we as humans create complex objects, and we then assume that complexity is indisputably indicative of a designer. This is an association we make only as a result of what our "common sense" tells us.
  2. And when you say "freethinker" You mean indoctrination as a devout atheist. Isnt it interesting that people that call themselves freethinkers really just all think like each other.

    "Freethinkers" really do not see the hypocracy. They are just
    proselytizing their own beliefs.

    Christian to atheist: Come to our church and stop believing in nothing and believe in God!

    Atheist to Christian: Stop shoving your beliefs down my throat. Free your mind and stop believing your beliefs and believe what I believe!

    See the hypocracy?
  3. you really do have a hard time with logic. it has to be your religious mindset that shuts off your ability to think critically.

    this young man has obviously spent his whole life in chruch. its only when he stopped and examined the evidence for christianity that he realized it was all delusion and rejected it.
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    So if an atheist, I've never even met, converted to Catholicism does that mean I should automatically convert as well?