Sometimes You eat the Bear and sometimes the bear eat YOU!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TheDr., Jun 13, 2006.

  1. TheDr.


    Hey, How come nobody's "buying the dip", buy, buy!!

    Where's the 100% up room to go?

    Hey, are we still "scaling in" on net long position? of my personal favorites...not quite sure who said it but, that was a classic!!

    Where's The macro bulls-sh*t....sorry I meant the macro bulls..

    Blood Money's a BEEYOCH!!!... ain't it!!....

    I think the market has finally bitch slapped these types into humility...
  2. lol

    very funny indeed....

  3. Adobian


    Wake me up when there is Panic in the house. That's the bottom. Right now, it's just simply ... bleeding ...
  4. It's funny, but I just had a PM conversation about how badly I wanted to log-in to my intra-day accounts and start shorting and riding the huge volatility waves on the market index ETFs today. Huge moves and lightning fast...

    This damn vacation is not very much fun...

  5. But Larry Kudlow says it's a buying opportunity??? And he's always right. lol
  6. lwlee


    With the summer doldrums coming up, you buy now, it probably flat lines or goes down. Wake me up in September.
  7. Circle


    I hope Larry kudlow puts his money where his mouth his. The obnoxious rat is so pathetic.

    Just last year- he was singing on TV- that the fed tightening was over (at 4.25%), no evidence of inflation... Last month, this bitch wanted the fed to raise 50 bps to control inflation..
    And then he predicted that Gold would top off at 550. he must have puked when it hit 730.

    Thanks to the collapse in the metals market today, I feel even more confident- Today was a repeat of 80s crash in the metals market.. if history were any guide, we will see Gold $850...

    I cannot wait for the dollar bears to spit him out..

    ps: For all you cramer bashers out there, I'd anyday go long cramer/short kudlow.. Good trade.
  8. TheDr.


    Right! I forgot about the "bushies" and those amazing tax cuts!...

    Listen I'm far from a bear but, I think this kind of talk is stupid.

    It's like listening to abby cohen saying ALL THE TIME..were going higher.."I see the S&P @ 1500-1600" in the next 2-4 whatevers..Who gives a sh*t...Yes, Eventually she will be right and it will go up..But please! STFU!!

    CNBC has raised a nation of losers! who watch the news and want predict market direction..Like those market "brain surgeons" on T.V....Then get interviewed by the anchors getting credit for their "Market Calls"...For "CALLING IT"!!..Not making money, or trading. But calling it! come on..STFU..
  9. you're right but without all that marketing blitzkrieg there would be much less dumb money to chase... plus it's just another form of entertainment for most people... i mean corporate life ain't that fun is it, they NEED that stuff if collectively they are going to believe they're contributing to a worthwhile endeavour, whether that makes them money or not...
  10. If you run with the bulls in a bullmarket, and if you run with the bears in a bearmarket, you will NEVER be eaten.

    In plain english: follow the trend.
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